Naked Heat

My First Impressions Of The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

The beauty world has been rocked this month with news of a new Naked palette from Urban Decay. It’s over a year since the last Naked palette hit shelves and I’ve been eagerly awaiting a follow up. The -aptly named- Naked Heat palette is filled with coppers and amber toned warm shades. At first sight I loved the look of Naked Heat. These colours are some of my favourites to wear and I don’t yet have a palette in this style. I was able to nab one in an early bird release, so read on if you’re wondering if it lives up to the hype.

Urban Decay

Buying & Shipping

A limited number of Naked Heat palettes were released earlier this week, on the Urban Decay website. As with previous Naked palettes, it cost £39.50 and qualified for free delivery. The official release date is not listed on the website anymore, but I understand it to be the 30th June.

The palette arrived in this gigantic box. I’m normally not a fan of excessive packaging but it’s a strong box with a magnetic close which I will use for storage.

Naked Heat
Naked Heat


The packaging is made from plastic and quite heavy. I much prefer this type of casing to the earlier velvet or metal, which I find gets damaged over time. This casing is very similar to that of the Naked Smoky palette. As with the other Naked palettes, there’s a decent mirror inside and a brush was included.

Naked Heat Eyeshadows

The brush is a double-ended blending brush made with synthetic fibres. I like the Urban Decay brushes which have been included in previous palettes and do use them.

Naked Heat Shadow Names
Naked Heat Eyeshadows


Inner eye highlight and transition shades make up the first four eyeshadows. Followed by the shimmers with four darker depth shades on the end. It’s easy to see how you could create multiple looks with the Naked Heat palette and what would compliment what.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

7 Mattes, 6 Shimmers

Unlike it’s predecessors, the Naked Heat palette has more mattes included than shimmery shades. Urban Decay are known for their shimmer eyeshadows so this is an interesting -but welcome- move. Personally I use several mattes per look with just one or two shimmer shades, so this balance will work well for me.

Naked Heat Swatches

I swatched each shade without primer to show the colour payoff and texture. To get a decent result, especially with some of the mattes I did several swipes. After swatching I experimented with the palette -with primer- on my eyes, creating a few looks to test it out. I’ve detailed my thoughts below.

transition shades

Highlight & Transition Shades

Ounce – This is a pale vanilla shade with finely milled glitter throughout. It’s not a true shimmer, but definitely has a sparkle. Whilst this would work best as an inner eye highlight, it’s quite subtle and I wasn’t blown away by it. I think a slightly darker more gold toned shade would have complimented the others better.

Chaser – Whilst the swatch made this look like a nice warm toned shade, on the eye it was almost unnoticeable. A good shade for my skintone to set primer with and as a base.

Sauced – This shade is a really loved amber toned brown, with great colour payoff.

Low Blow – Another amber toned brown shade which is darker and compliments the first few mattes. If you wanted a more neutral look, these four shades could be worn alone.


Shimmers / Lid Shades

I like to use these kinds of shades on my lid. At first glance, in the pan these eyeshadows look nice but nothing special. However when swatched, you can see how pretty these colours are. They remind me of pigments, in the way the iridescent finely milled glitter catches the light. They’re really buttery in texture and easy to work with.

Lumbre – This is my favourite eyeshadow in the palette. It’s just gorgeous. An almost coral copper shade with gold glitter.
He Devil – Another matte. A warm toned terracotta.
Dirty Talk – A bright copper shimmer.
Scorched – A more bronze toned copper shimmer.

depth shades


I would use these shades in my outer corner to add depth.

Cayenne – A matte brown shade. This is dryer than the other mattes and slightly harder to work with but does pack on the eye well.
En Fuego – Slightly burgundy, En Fuego like Cayenne was a little harder to work with that other shades.
Ashes – The darkest matte in the palette, Ashes is a rich dark brown.
Ember – Another beautiful shimmer, although very dark.

My Thoughts

There was quite a bit of fall out from a lot of the matte shades. Some of the mattes are a little muddy, with the darker shades in the last four pans being especially dry. With that said, they do work well on the eye, definitely better than they appear when swatched. All shades have good colour payoff on the eye.

In conclusion, the Naked Heat palette definitely didn’t disappoint. Although these shades are perhaps more Autumnal than Summery, I know I’ll be wearing this all the time. Whilst some of the transition shades are admittedly quite neutral and similar to other shades I have. However the majority of this palette is unlike anything else I own, which is refreshing.

Will you be buying the Naked Heat palette? I’d love to know what you think of it.

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  1. I love the colours in this palette, although I feel like there are a few similar-toned shadows in the Naked Ultimate Basics. To be honest this is the first full Naked palette I’ve been really drawn to, though! Plus the retro packaging is awesome.

    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl

  2. A bit of a fall out is expected I guess but the shades are really nice. The shimmery shades are gorgeous and Lumbre is definitely my favourite 🙂


  3. I’ve always had a bit of trouble with fallout from the UD shadows so I was kinda expecting that but otherwise I think this palette looks beautiful for Autumn like you said- I love the warm shades!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  4. I don’t think I’ll buy it. I already have Naked 2 and 3, which are enough for me. Also, I feel like the quality in Naked 3 isn’t that good either.

    Still, the packaging and the colors are beautiful in this one!

    1. I didn’t like the Naked 3 palette particularly, both the colours and how it felt to use. This is my favourite to date of the four. X

  5. My eyes lit up when I first saw it! LOL I didn’t buy their Smoky palette, because the colors didn’t suit me so I was happy to see this. It’s a beautiful palette! So glad you liked it and will be doing some looks soon. Can’t wait to see. I also love how they have arranged the shades. Very nice. You can tell someone put a lot of thought into it.

    1. I did get the smoky palette but have to admit it’s my least used. I think it makes a nice change, the way they’ve arranged it all X

  6. I enjoyed your post. Very informative. I’m still contemplating ‘to buy or not to buy’ as I have so many warm toned palettes to last me a lifetime prpbably! Lol

  7. I really want to try urban decay eyeshadows as I have heard good things. I prefer more brighter colours though, but I feel like I have too much eyeshadow already

  8. I’m obsessed with copper/coral shades so I was instantly smitten when I saw the shades! Unfortunately I think I already have too many palettes, some with similar shades, so I’ll have to pass on this one..for now. The shades are gorgeous though, especially the shimmery ones!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    1. It’s great that they’re always so well stocked so it’s no bother to get at a later date. I’ve done that with a few of them X

  9. Well done on managing to snag one! I saw people going wild on twitter about not being able to grab one. I agree that the shades are a little autumnal but I also think the golden edge to them brings it into summer too.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

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