Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette

How is everyone?! It feels like forever since I went away and I have to admit returning to work and general post-wedding normal life this week has been killer. Despite feeling like I could sleep for a week straight, I’ve had uncharacteristically colourful make-up all week (my name’s Amy and I’m addicted to nudes) and I have to admit I’m feeling it.

As soon as I saw this palette announced I fell in love with it, but I initially worried it wouldn’t get enough use as the shades are so bright. When I saw and swatched it at the Urban Decay counter I got excited about it again and lucky me ended up with it as a gift from my husband (that still looks so strange written down!).

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It’s the most beautiful palette I think I’ve ever seen from a packaging perspective. Quotes are scrolled on the box and mirror and the outer case features an amazing -albeit a little trippy- floral print. The top lid lifts to reveal a mirror and mysterious ribbon which when lifted pops up a 3d butterfly. The whole top of the palette serves literally no purpose other than to be whimsical, which is very Alice In Wonderland. I like that the mirror is separate from the product, as it makes it far more usable longterm … My other Urban Decay palette mirrors are caked in eyeshadow dust.

A bottom draw houses the palette itself and a brush. Initially I ignored the brush as i’ve got several Urban Decay brushes from Naked palettes which I’m not a huge fan of, but the stubbier end is absolutely amazing for packing product on the lid.

I love it when a palette tells a story and each row of these shadows is based on a character from the film which I thought was cute. The palette features a decent number of highly pigmented mattes in addition to the super glittery shimmers Urban Decay are famous for. Annoyingly some of the glittery shimmers are harder to work with, their formula feeling dry and chalky.

Whilst the colours are super bold, each shade has an accompanying few which co-ordinate, making it easy to wear even the brightest shades. My favourite shade so far is ‘Cake’ the hot pink shimmer, which when combined with ‘Gone Mad’ makes for a fun Cheshire cat (the OG 1951 version obviously) inspired look.

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  1. I think I’d love Gone Mad and Cake the most too, god this is beautiful! & congratulations on your wedding, the photos are absolutely gorgeous and it sounds like it was a really wonderful day xx

    elese |

  2. I have seen lots of reviews of this but not yet seen the detailing of each part of the packing, thank you, I actually want one for myself now, it looks magical! X

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