You know I’m a massive fan of bath bombs but lately I find myself opting more for bubble bars. Lush have been upping their bubble bar -I can’t say bubble bar aloud without getting bubble butt stuck in my head- game all the time and my favourite kind is the highly pigmented slightly damp feeling ones which crumble easily. If they feature some kind of oil or moisturising butter, even better.

Each one gets at least 4 uses and they cost only slightly more than a bath bomb with one intended use. I like to buy bath bombs as an occasional treat but now never have a bath which doesn’t feature a bit of bubble bar, they’re my go-to bath product.

My five favourite bubble bars at the moment are:

1. Karma
2. Creamy Candy – This is really moisturising and smells like Snow Fairy … Win!
3. The Comforter
4. Blue Skies
5. Sunnyside

Being a Lush addict I try to keep my bathroom cupboard stocked with at least one at any time and get excited when there’s a new product launch.

What are your favourite bubble bars? Any you would recommend?

This post wasn’t sponsored & products featured were purchased by me. You can find similar products to Lush Bubble Bars in my directory.