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Tarte Toasted Eyeshadow Palette

Morning all. How’s your week going so far? The weekend is in sight! This morning I’m reviewing a palette I’ve actually been sleeping on since last year, the Tarte Toasted palette and latest in the Tartlette series. Now for any readers of my old blog, you may remember me saying I was going to be good and not buy this? Spoiler alert, I caved (and I regret nothing).

News of the Tarte Toasted palette arrived in July 2017. In the form of a teasing Instagram post which showed the palette being quickly opened and shut. Just enough of a glimpse to see it was a warm neutrals palette. But without much further information.

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Within a week, out of seemingly nowhere Urban Decay announced the launch of the next Naked palette in the series: The Naked Heat palette. A similar offering that would be available just a few weeks later.

I wondered at the time if the quick announcement of what felt a lot more like an Autumnal launch was related to the Tarte Toasted announcement. Either way Naked Heat enjoyed months of shelf time before Tarte dropped their warm Autumn palette. And largely enjoyed pretty positive reviews. I got it before the full launch and loved it. So much so I resided myself to the fact I wouldn’t need the Tarte Toasted palette anymore.

Tarte Toasted

Tarte’s In Bloom Tartlette is one of my favourite palettes of all time. It’s the one I carry in my makeup bag. And my go-to for everyday makeup. Off the back of that I would have ordered Toasted as soon as I could. Without waiting for reviews, swatches or seeing it in person.

After some disappointing launches last year from brands I trust, I decided against doing this again. However after Tarte Toasted launched and I began to see reviews, swatches and looks appearing I decided it was one I didn’t want to pass up. Whilst the shades are similar to Naked Heat, it compliments the palette rather than dupes.

I ordered in November direct from the Tarte website in the States. Their price includes custom fees which is really handy for overseas customers. Shipping took less than a week and arrived well packaged with a Shape Tape sample. So I would definitely order direct from them in America again.

The packaging is in the same style as In Bloom. A tough plastic case with a decent mirror contained inside. It doesn’t come with a brush which I don’t mind at all. These palettes are small enough to travel with but contain 12 shades. I like the rectangular case as it’s easier to store, hold and transport.

The concept of the palette couldn’t be more up my street. It’s Autumnal, cosy and conjures up images of camping, log burners and warm jumpers. Each shade is named in this vein.

Tarte Toasted

What I love about In Bloom is how well the shades go together. Toasted is the same, offering a good selection of transition shades, shimmers and mattes. One thing sighted as being missing from the Naked Heat palette was a nice gold. Toasted has that covered and Candle makes for a lovely inner highlight.


From right to left: S’more, Cashmere and Candle.

Tarte Toasted Swatches

Sunrise, Warmth and Latte.

Tarte Toasted Swatches

Sunset, Flame and Simmer.

Tarte Toasted Swatches

Crackle, Cozy and Fireside.

Tarte Toasted Swatches

My favourite shade in the palette is Crackle. A deep brown with bright gold flecks. Shadows like this don’t normally translate as well on the skin. But I love how this looks and how clearly you can see the gold pieces.

All shades are creamy, highly pigmented and blend well. The quality of Tarte eyeshadows are superb. They’re so easy to work with.

Tarte Toasted Looks

Whilst there are enough colours included to go all out with an elaborately blended eye look, I love how each looks on its own. Or as a simple two colour look. I think these palettes would be ideal for someone wanting no faff.

I like to use S’more to set my primer and as a base. Define my crease and line my undereye with one of the matte transition shades. Then apply any shimmer over my eyelid. Finishing off with Candle in the inner corner.

Tarte Toasted

There are so many looks which can be created in this way. Whilst I loved wearing this palette during Autumn and Christmas, it’s not restricted to those seasons. These colours are some of my favourites to wear, so I know it’s going to continue to get a lot of use all year.

The two Tarte palettes I own and love compliment each other well. As all shades are neutrals. I’m also going to share a comparison with the Naked Heat palette for anyone on the fence about the two being too similar. Although I have to admit that I find myself reaching for this more frequently than Heat.

I’m so glad I didn’t pass up on this palette and am looking forward to seeing what future palettes they bring out in this line.

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22 Responses

  1. It’s a beautiful palette and the shades are so pigmented, I can’t imagine how well they blend together! And the packaging is fab as with all their palettes!


    1. I’m so glad Toasted performs as well as In Bloom, as it’s one of my favourite palettes and I would have been so disappointed.

  2. This is the second review I’ve read on this palette just this week and everyone’s consensus seems to be overwhelmingly positive! I’m not surprised as the colors really are gorgeous, and I think Tarte did a fabulous job of putting together these shades. Not a fan of the brand’s treatment of their POC customers or just their social media shenanigans in general, but they know how to make a good palette!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    1. Of all the Tarte products I’ve tried, the eyeshadows are by far my favourite. I purchased this when it was released last year and have since picked up Shape Tape, but have to say their recent actions have been a really bad look.

  3. I own and love this palette! My tarte obsession went from 0-100 really quick! I purchased the holiday collection which included toasted, in bloom and the matte palette. The shades are so gorgeous and the packaging is stunning, I can’t stop snapping flat lays with these palettes. x


  4. But do I need another brown hued pallete though?!? Hmmm… obvs yes! I think after my first order I need to buy more, the palette I have is gorgeous and this looks just as stunning

    Mel ✨

  5. I can see why this is one of your favorites! The swatches look amazing. Great pigmentation! I would love to try some Tarte products – Samantha was just talking about her favorite palettes on her latest video, and she recommended a Tarte palette. 🙂

    Charlotta Eve

    1. I have found their palettes to be amazing, my favourite is In Bloom! When I go to Canada later in the year I’m going to stock up.

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