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5 Ways I’ve Improved How I Do My Makeup

29th August 2016

The pressure of doing my own wedding makeup combined with blogging allowing me to indulge my love of makeup more than ever has meant that I’ve seen a good improvement this year in how I apply my makeup. Wether it looks better is entirely subjective and probably depends on the day -as I write this I’m sat in my PJs with no makeup on at all- but I think I’m committing less makeup don’ts and more do’s now.

On an aside, I’ll tell you what I haven’t got any better at and that’s taking photos of my makeup. I think this is the expression I have if I’m trying to do mental arithmetic. I’ve not yet mastered how to take photos of makeup without looking completely vacant and feeling incredibly vain and pretty ridiculous … But I digress.


Upping My Eyebrow Game

9th March 2016

A while ago I decided I was going to do my own make up for my wedding. What I really wanted was to get Jamie Genevieve to hop on a train to Wales and highlight me so heavily I could be seen from space, but as that’s not on the cards I don’t think I would have been happy and it was an area I could save some money in so it just made sense.

Obviously now this call is pretty much out of my hands as we’re getting married 846 miles across the North Atlantic and whilst I’m sure there are awesome MUAs in Iceland, tracking one down would be an additional task I could do without at this point. So yeah, I’m excited and daunted by the challenge … I don’t want to look at photos for the rest of my life and think, what happened with that eyebrow? Or, What was I thinking with that wonky nose contour?

This has been a good reason to try and practice / improve some skills and first up on the agenda has been brows.