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My Cruelty-Free Summer Skin Essentials

6th June 2018
Cruelty-free Summer Essentials

Summer for me means a few things; Wearing black whilst sweltering. Awkwardly trying to keep my hair and makeup in check. Exposing my vampiric legs. Going red then pealing if I dare to step outside. And the dreaded chub rub. Over the years I’ve found various ways to help me survive. But this year I have three new cruelty-free Summer saviours I’m loving. And we’ve even had some uncharacteristic hot weather in Wales to truly put them to the test.


May Empties | The Makeup & Skincare Products I Finished This Month

4th June 2018
May Empties

I’ve been meaning to do this for a thousand years (slight exaggeration). I’m focusing on not buying any new products, just using what I have and ridding my collection of products which aren’t cruelty-free. So each month I’m going to talk briefly about the products I used and what I thought of them.

Initially I planned to not feature any products on my blog which aren’t cruelty-free. However i’ve change my mind and I’m going to include all my empties and state clearly if they’re cruelty-free or not. This gives me a chance to talk about what I might replace them with and the brand’s status. So without further rambling, these are the products I finished in May!


Wishtrend Cruelty Free Brand Week

18th May 2018
cruelty free brand week

It’s Cruelty Free brand week on Wishtrend! In my last post about Klairs skincare I mentioned that not only are they a cruelty free brand, but they run a project called ‘Stay Beagley’ which raises money for beagle rescue in Korea. Stay Beagley is a range of cute beagle-themed merch, which is available to buy online. Klairs donate 100% of their profits from the project to beagle rescue, so it’s a brilliant initiative.

Wishtrend are a Korean retailer of K-beauty, who ship Worldwide. I started working with Wishtrend prior to my post about going cruelty free, so was thrilled to discover that not only were the products I had been using (The Midnight Blue Soothing Cream & Rich Moist Serum) cruelty free, but Wishtrend were super helpful in clarifying their stance for me.


Cruelty Free Makeup & Skincare

9th May 2018
Cruelty Free

It feels good to be back here. My original blog that is! This post has been in the making for a while and I’m disappointed really that it’s taken this long. I am boycotting makeup and skincare which isn’t cruelty free or from a brand who are committed to ending animal testing. Read on to find out why and what that means for my blog.


Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow

2nd October 2017
Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow, tinted moisturiser

I’m having a lazy day and am still in bed at lunch time. Living the dream. The new series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is on Hay-U. And pregnancy pains make this the most comfy place to sit. Now I’m on maternity leave, it’s great to be able to take things at a slower pace. It’s all been a bit quiet on the blogging front and I haven’t written anything in weeks. But I’m back today with a new post, about a new skincare / makeup product I have tried (and loved). The Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow, tinted moisturiser.


5 Of My Lush Favourites

2nd September 2017
Lush favourites

It’s been a while since my last Lush Cosmetics post. And whilst I’m looking forward to their Winter launch (October 6th), I’ve found myself not using as much Lush this year.

We got a brand new shop in Cardiff. It’s got a similar design to the London Oxford street store. With sinks for demos, more display areas and a makeup section. The biggest change being there’s a spa downstairs. However -unpopular opinion- I have to admit I don’t love it. It’s a lot more cramped than our old store. And it always feels hectic. It’s a bit of an ordeal, so I don’t pop in when passing.

Of course I’m excited that we now have a spa! It’s cool to see a smaller city like Cardiff getting picked. And I’ve previously had to travel to Bath. But as I’ve been pregnant since it opened, I’ve yet to utilise it.

I’ve also been quite underwhelmed with this year’s new products. Jelly bath bombs which require as long scrubbing as was spent relaxing in the bath. And weird colours / scents. My last impulse purchase was Metamorphosis, which left me less than impressed! Brown bath water? Not for me thanks.

Lush Favourites

I’m hoping the Halloween and Christmas launch will redeem things slightly. But in the meantime all of this has meant I’ve gone without a few of my Lush favourites. Things I would normally grab when in store. Or chuck in my basket when doing an online order. Products which in my opinion are brilliant and pretty unique to Lush.

I decided to brave the store (on the last day of the Summer holidays … What was I thinking?). And stock up on enough bits and pieces to tide me over until October. I’m always curious to know what people’s all time favourite products are, so thought I would share five of mine.

1. A Bubble Bar

Bath bombs are fun and a nice treat. But for every day (I wish! ‘More regular use’), I prefer something which lasts a bit longer. I love Lush bubble bars as they have the strong scent and colourful bath water you would expect from a bath bomb. But can be used multiple times. My all time favourite has to be Karma. It transforms the bath water a deep purple colour and has a relaxing, sleepy scent. There’s a new Karma inspired spa treatment coming out too, for any other Karma scent family fans.

2. A Bath Bomb

Think Pink has been revised, so this is technically a new one for me. But the scent is an old favourite. It’s one of the more childish, sickly sweet scents like Snow Fairy. It reminds me of marshmallow and I have to admit whilst I love the more complex scents Lush is known for, these sweet ones are often my favourites.

I’m planning an epic bath spanning a couple of hours. Where I’ll be starting re-reading Harry Potter again. I did this last year around the same time and am totally planning on making it an annual tradition.

3. A Lip Scrub

The struggle to not eat this in one go is real. But the Lush lip scrubs are great for exfoliating with whilst in the bath. And my lips are horribly chapped. I’m guessing this is another one of those glorious pregnancy symptoms no one mentions. But either way, nothing a Lush lip scrub won’t fix. Plus I love the bubble gum scent.

4. A Face Mask

Mask Of Magnaminty is a mask I like to always have to hand. And one of my all-time Lush favourites. It’s gentle enough that you can whack it on whenever. But I find it really refreshes and clears my skin.

5. A Body Moisturiser

I alternate between Dream Cream, Sleepy and Karma Kream. But decided on the latter, to compliment my bubble bar. These body lotions make skin super soft and smell lovely on. A pot lasts for ages, making them great value for money.

It feels nice to have a bit of a Lush stash going again. Although I am slightly concerned, first I tweeted about going off pumpkin spice lattes. Now this. My blogger points are diminishing by the day.

What are some of your Lush favourites? Would any of these feature?


Self Care Sundays | Pregnancy Skin Treats From Lulu & Boo

30th July 2017
Lulu & Boo

As a child I used to passionately loathe Sundays. The shops would all be shut (I realise that makes me sound ancient, but in fairness I grew up in a little Welsh valleys town). And nothing good would be on TV. I’d play outside but it’s Wales, so it was probably raining. Oh and Sunday marks the last day of the weekend so school the next day. Rubbish.

However as an adult, Sundays have a whole new purpose. Sundays are the perfect chill day. A time to reflect on the week ahead. Get stuff ready. Maybe cook a veggie roast and definitely have a long bath. In the hustle and bustle of the week, it’s hard to find time for self care.

But on Sundays, that’s about all I find time for.


Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser

29th March 2017
Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser

I recently picked up a new skincare product I’m so excited about. The Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser. I noticed when doing my weekly Ocado shop that they have a beauty section (uh oh!) and had an offer on all Nip + Fab products, so I decided to give it a try.

My skin type is best described as normal. Despite the unavoidable hormonal breakouts, I don’t suffer with acne. My main skin concerns are generally keeping it in as good a condition as possible. And fighting the signs of ageing. Despite having bad reactions to tons of body products and household products I touch, I don’t have sensitive skin on my face and can use pretty most products without issues.

If you read my AM & PM skincare routine posts, you’ll notice I use a lot of exfoliating acid products. I find they work really well for me and so they’ve become a firm favourite in my routines.

However I have noticed one side effect from using these types of products. My skin is oilier than usual.

Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser To The Rescue

I love the idea of a moisturiser which is perfect for using after acid toning. The Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser helps combat oil build up. Also it contains an SPF (factor 30) which is great as skin is sensitive after acid toning so an SPF should always be worn. It’s easy to forget in the UK where sunny weather is sporadic at best. So this is ideal.

As a rule I’ve heard it best to avoid relying on products which contain SPF rather than a dedicated sun block. However I wore this all week in Lanzarote and it really did protect my face from sun burn! It’s so much easier to remember as I never fail to moisturise.

The moisturiser has a thick consistency which instantly soothes skin. I use an acid toner both AM & PM but save my stronger exfoliating treatments for the evening. My skin can be red and a little irritated, which this calms. It’s not greasy at all and absorbs quickly. There’s a slight fragrance which is pleasant.

The Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser is the perfect missing link in my skincare routine and I’m so glad I’ve discovered it.

Checkout Makeup On My Blog | What’s In A Review?. This post wasn’t sponsored & products featured were purchased by me. You can find similar products to Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix in my directory.