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Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day 2017

13th February 2017
Lush Valentine's Day

Ah Valentine’s Day.

We’re somewhat on the fence as a couple when it comes to this romantic time of year.

We don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day. Not in the cards and teddies kind of way at least. We’ve done some romantic things which conincided with February. Paris last year for instance. Although that was a week or so before to avoid the crowds.

I’m most certainly not against it. A pet hate is when the fun police come out online and say it’s cheesy. If you like it, I love it. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Traditions

This year I’ve decided I’m going to mark it in my own way. The realisation set in that it’s actually one of the first things to look forward to after Christmas. January is bleak and so like people in the Arctic celebrating the first sunrise after the dark Polar night, I’m jumping on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon. A slither of excitement in the constant fog, 5 week months and post-Christmas comedown.

Irregardless of any plans for me and mine, there’s one Valentine’s Day tradition I never let slip. Raiding the Lush Valentine’s Day collection arrivals.

Lisa Vanderpump is my spirit animal. I’m a longstanding fan of all things pink. It’s impossible not to feel a slight twinge of girly excitement when seeing hearts everywhere and a sea of red and pink tones.

Lush Valentine's Day 2017

Returning Favourites

This year Lush brought back some of my absolute favourites: The Unicorn Horn and their Loverlamp bath bomb. I of course had to stock up on those.

I also got Valentine’s Day lip scrub ‘the kiss’ which is essentially some really nice tasting sugar. For the second year on the trot I ate this in the bath whilst reading a book and do you know what? I regret nothing. My lips are still chapped but I can no sooner leave that in my bathroom cupboard than I could a bag of Mini Eggs. Hashtag willpower.


New Products For 2017

Along with returning favourites, we were treated to some newbies. I picked up both the heart eyes bubble bar and cupid bath bomb. Inspired I presume by emoji -and two of my most used I might add- these adorable new products smelled as divine as they looked.

Lastly I completed my little haul with the Love Spell moisture / massage bar. This was an Oxford Street exclusive last year. I really love their solid moisturiser bars. On contact they melt slightly and can be applied to skin, leaving it silky soft. Love Spell smells like rose and neroli oil.

Before Valentine’s Day was even close I had used up my new stash. Aaron surprised me with a Loverlamp bathbomb. My favourite (genuinely. Not in the Lush staff kind of way). As well as two butterballs, which I find make my skin feel utterly amazing. He’s alright that one.

As for our Valentine’s Day plans. I’m going to try and make something nice to eat. Followed by a rose flavoured desert of some description. On a recent trip down the Waitrose Cooks Ingredients aisle I spotted a pot of rose petals I had to buy. I’m being quite liberal with the word ‘had’ here.

Lush treats

Feeling Inspired

In a past job I assisted on a photoshoot for local chef Anand George (Purple Poppadom, Cardiff). He created the most incredible rose petal creme brûlée which I got to eat (perks of the job!). I’ve never forgotten it and in that moment had a surge of inspiration. Sadly I’ve since remembered I’m not a Keralin inspired master chef. I’m hoping Pinterest will save me.

Whatever happens it couldn’t be more of a fail than the year we attempted a romantic meal. We bought a pasta maker. Turns out, making pasta is hard. Scrap that. Making pasta is IMPOSSIBLE.

We phoned out for a Noodle Box and ate that by candlelight instead. A hilarious and special night, albeit for all the wrong reasons. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine’s Day. Whoever you’re with and whatever you’re doing. Although make sure you take some time out to treat yourself. A relaxing Lush bath can’t be beaten and this time of year is the perfect excuse. Not that I ever need one!

This post wasn’t sponsored & products featured were purchased by me. You can find similar products to The Lush Valentine’s Day 2017 Collection in my directory.


My Lush Winter 2016 Haul

10th October 2016

I love this time of year! All the seasonal collections launch and Christmas is fast approaching. Tomorrow is the Lush Cardiff Winter blogger event which I’ve been looking forward to since last year’s event was a lot of fun.

I like to stock up when the Winter collection lands in store, so decided to do my order online this year. I love how many new products launched and that some of my all time favourites came back for another year.


Lush Halloween 2016 Haul

28th September 2016

If I’m honest last year’s Halloween offering from Lush left me feeling slightly disappointed. It was grouped with the Winter collection which was considerably larger and featured only a handful of products. I’m still scared by the frustration of trying to shower using that jelly bat thing, which would come flying out of your grip every 30 seconds and stained everything it touched purple.

That year Lush Oxford St had opened and the focus seemed to be on the Summer launch which featured lots of new products, my guess being that Halloween and other smaller holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day had fewer products because of this.

2016 so far has been comparatively quieter for Lush, with no big Summer launches. I’ve been eagerly awaiting news of the Winter launches, hoping for something new and so was excited to get a glimpse of what was coming during the big Lush Creative Showcase event. A week or so later Halloween items launched in-store, having a small headstart before the Winter ones follow.


Lush Kitchen – Snow & Ice Gift Set

26th November 2015
Snow & Ice Gift Set

When news of the Lush Winter 2015 collection dropped, I will admit to being slightly (ok very) disappointed the Northern Lights bath bomb wasn’t making an appearance. So when Lush Kitchen announced they would be selling it as part of the Snow & Ice gift set, I knew I had to get it. That next morning I ditched coffee & reading emails at 8am for frantically refreshing the Lush Kitchen site. Even enlisting Aaron to help. Two refreshers are better than one, right?