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Midnight Sun


Our Anniversary Weekend In Iceland

22nd May 2017
anniversary meal

A few weeks back we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been a year already, although in some respects it feels like ages ago that we were stood by that glacier and worrying about transporting our cake. After all in the year that’s passed, we’ve been to the top of the World, on five other trips, completely renovated our house (whilst living in it, hashtag never again), bought home Hekla the British Shorthair and are now expecting a new arrival of the non-furry variety. It’s been quite a year!


Iceland Summer Road Trip – Inside The Volcano

16th June 2015
Inside The Volcano

My roadtrip adventure started in the South, where the clear crisp skies I experienced during Winter were a distant memory. In fact, it was nothing short of torrential. Whilst the unpredictability of Iceland’s weather can make things difficult at times, I’ve learned to embrace it. I came to this realisation on a mountain, 500m above sea level whilst being pelted in the face with horizontal rain, which is where this story begins. Our first stop on our roadtrip was Inside The Volcano.


Iceland Summer Roadtrip – Arriving In Iceland & A Dip In The Blue Lagoon

15th June 2015

6 months ago I visited Iceland for the first time and stayed in the South, where there was heavier snow fall than usual. With only 4 hours daylight, the night sky was filled with Aurora and the short days cast in pinks and purples from the stunning polar night sunrises & sunsets. I fell in love with the country and knew I would have to visit again, with more time to explore as much as possible. This summer, I was lucky enough to come back with the aim of driving around the whole country and experiencing the midnight sun.