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Lazy Day Hair Essentials

14th October 2017
Lazy Day Hair Essentials

I’m not good at doing hair. It’s just not my thing. Any time spent blow drying, curling or straightening is done under duress. And if I’m in a rush, my hair is the first thing to be sacrificed. A messy bun is a common occurrence. Because of this, I’m always on the hunt for lazy day hair products. Things which make my life easier. Hacks, tricks and products which will speed things up and make it less effort for me.


Review / Irresistible Me Diamond Straighteners

1st September 2016

Confession, I’ve been a bad blogger of late. Life has meant I’ve fallen quite behind and as a result I’ve been sleeping on a product I’ve been dying to try out for some time. The lovely Madison from Irresistible Me got in touch a while back to ask if I would like to try their signature Diamond -yes, diamond, you read right- straighteners and I of course was keen.

Coated in diamond fragments and tourmaline (which for those of you like me who had to Google, is a semi-precious gem stone) these straighteners claim to reduce frizz whilst protecting hair and your natural moisture and oils. Frizzy hair is the bane of my life, I’ve tried everything and am far kinder to my hair than I’ve ever been but I think my hair type is just naturally frizzy and my current straighteners -GHD V Gold Max Styler- only seem to make this worse.


The Natural Hair Edit

26th February 2016

I’m currently taking a short break from wearing extensions and whilst I’m counting down the days until my next appointment, there are some undeniable silver linings to this short, boring and devoid of volume hair cloud.

Besides the fact it doesn’t take seven-hundred hours to blow dry my hair at the moment, I’m also loving being able to reach for my oils and sprays which are completely incompatible with keratin bond extensions.

I thought that whilst taking this hair hiatus it would be good to post about some of the high street hair products for natural hair I love.