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My Summer Fragrance Wishlist

28th June 2017
Summer fragrance

It’s not exactly Sunny today, but Summer is well underway. It’s impossible to pass through the shops without eyeing all the Summer fragrance launches. I tend to stick to a few beloved scents all year. However I’ve been tempted by some of the new fragrances I’ve sampled recently. And a few which whilst not new this season, make me think of Summer days, hot holidays and the beach.

What do you look for in a perfume? I have to admit I’m always drawn in by the bottle. Although of course the scent is paramount. I like fragrances which tell a story. From the packaging to the scent, I want to be reminded of something. All my favourite perfumes remind me of a time or place. Just a sniff of one from the past can transport you back to that phase of your life.

During the Summer I favour fruity and floral scents. Although anything too sweet is off the menu.


H&M Rose Reverie Body Mist

4th April 2017

I love H&M. Like really love it. The majority of my clothes are from there and I love browsing their homeware department.

I’ve always liked perusing their till bits and bobs. You know the things you don’t realise you need until you see? Like cute makeup bags, more socks, or bubble bath.

Back in circa 2006, before H&M launched their beauty range, I would wonder over to MAC on my lunch break and then into H&M which was next door. I developed the ability to zone in on anything Hello Kitty related and one afternoon when queuing, I spotted some Hello Kitty products by the H&M tills. At that time they had a whole range of ‘pamper’ HK products, body creams, lip balms and body mists.

All my wages for my part-time job went on MAC, so the only perfume I owned was a Britney Spears Curious I’d had one Christmas. I purchased the body mists and fell in love with them. I associate them with Summer and a more carefree time.

Somewhere along the line H&M stopped making those sprays. Or I got older. Maybe both. I forgot about them entirely until I read Yiota‘s post (which I now can’t find, maybe I dreamt this!) mentioning H&M mists.

H&M Body Mists

I can’t pass H&M without gravitating inside and sure enough, there they were. Just like old times. A Hello Kitty wouldn’t go amiss on the packaging but otherwise they still ooze Summer to me. With bright packaging and floral ingredients. I picked up Rose Reverie, made with frangipani (not going to lie, I thought that was some sort of cake), damask rose and white musk.

These body mists are perfect for holidays or days at the beach when perfume would be wasted as you’ll be jumping in and out of the sea. They have a gorgeous scent once the spray has settled but I definitely noticed a chemical scent that I don’t recall from the original ones.

The scent is very subtle but at £2.99 you can afford to be quick generous with how much you apply. Whilst these aren’t going to replace my perfume anytime soon, I have a nostalgic love for them and think they’ll be great in the Summer.

The body mists are available in three other scents: Cashmere Haze, Midnight Muse and Caribbean Crush.

Find out more about Reviews On My Blog. This post wasn’t sponsored & products featured were purchased by me. You can find similar products to H&M Body Mist in my directory.


Lush Snow Fairy Perfume

3rd December 2016

I’ve made no secret of the fact I’m a huge Snow Fairy fan. Layering the body conditioner and shower gel is a Winter favourite past-time and I love smelling the candyfloss scent throughout the day. When I was a sad roll in hospital my husband managed to track this perfume down for me and surprise me with it. Major heart eyes emoji.


Vera Wang – Be Jewelled Perfume

15th January 2016

Happy New Year everyone! As I mentioned in my last post I’m taking a bit of a blogging break whilst I redesign and relaunch – along with a load of annoying IRL stuff like work and wedding planning which is getting in the way at the moment – but I really miss it so I decided to try and get caught up on my Bloglovin feed and share a few posts in the meantime. It’ll certainly be quieter than normal but I can’t stay away … I miss blogging!

I wanted to post about the beautiful perfume I got for Christmas, I’m obsessed with it.