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Getting Lost & Finding A New Direction For My Blog

12th July 2017

As of next week, it will be two years since I started blogging here. Two whole years. And I still haven’t deleted my blog. Pat on the back for me.

Whilst blogging remains my favourite hobby. And is really important to me. I’ve been feeling pretty deflated when it comes to my blog. A quick glance at other blogs would suggest I’m not alone. There seems to be an air of discontentment in the blogging World at the moment.


A New Name For My Blog

10th February 2017
collaborate with my blog!

I’ve had to take a short break from my blog but in the meantime decided to finally brave the SEO storm and change my blog name. In week or so when both sites have been crawled and everything is back to normal, I’ll write about how to do it incase anyone is curious, although I want to hold off until my DA and Google ranking are back as they were or it won’t exactly instil confidence in my advice.

It’s no secret I’m a crazy cat lady but I didn’t feel my name Four Cats Plus Us defined my blog particularly well, given I quite literally never post about the cats. I actually first started using that name a year or so before, when I set up a new Instagram with the intention of sharing cat pics (highly original I know and an undersaturated niche on Instagram).

Over the nearly two years since I started blogging here, I’ve thought about blogging about one topic, be it just beauty or travel, but I don’t do enough of either to make that work. I’ve discovered I like my blog pretty much how it is, a mishmash of whatever I feel like writing about at the time, in essence a ‘lifestyle’ blog.

I figured that the only name which will never stop fitting that type of content is my own, so I patiently waited for the release of the .blog TLD. Annoyingly, all first name TLDs were reserved to begin with and WordPress staff got first pick, during which my name was snaffled up.

I went with my full name instead, so now redirects fully to Yay!

I would love it if you could bookmark the new link and if you mention my blog, use the new URL. My social media names have been changed previously to match, but as a reminder you can also find me in the following places:


& my new email address is hi@amyevansblog.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I’m excited for this new chapter and will be back soon with my normal posting schedule.