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My Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day 2018 Picks

31st January 2018
Lush Cosmetics Valentine's Day

Happy hump day! And more importantly, happy last day of January, the never ending month. I’m looking forward to February for longer days and cute Valentine’s day launches. I always enjoy the seasonal launches from Lush. After Halloween and Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the next major collection they release. Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day products were available to preorder online this year, so I placed my order a couple of weeks ago not knowing when to expect it to ship. It actually arrived shortly afterwards and so I’ve already had a chance to start working through my haul. And this morning will be sharing my picks with you.


Miss Patisserie Glitterati Bath Gift Set

18th January 2018
Glitterati Gift Set

Good morning! Am I the only one who has completely had enough of these grey and rainy days? I’m longing for Spring and doing everything I can in the meantime to stay cosy. For Christmas I was treated to a mammoth selection of Miss Patisserie bath goodies. My nearest and dearest know I love a long bath and thought I would appreciate some pampering after becoming a Mum a few weeks before. They weren’t wrong and totally nailed it with their selection. Colourful baths -which smell delicious!- are the perfect January antidote. As I’ve already began working through my new Miss Patisserie stash, I figured I should share my thoughts with you. Starting this morning with this sparkly gift set, which is aptly named Glitterati.

It’s a colourful one too so creates a truly Insta worthy bath

Glitterati contains four items, two large and two -extremely cute- mini bath bombs. One of the larger bath bombs included was Ziggy. A Miss Patisserie favourite which has a citrus scent and is laced with cocoa butter, leaving skin super soft. It’s a colourful one too so creates a truly Insta worthy bath. As far as I can tell, the large purple bath bomb in the set is called Le Pud and a Christmas limited edition product. The mini bath bombs appeared in another set but are not available to purchase on their own. And can we just address the packaging? It was almost too pretty to open.

Miss Patisserie are vegan skincare specialists who hail from Wales -fist bump- but sell their products nationwide in Boots and online. Their flagship store in Cardiff is gorgeous and well worth checking out if you’re local or visiting.

Each bath bomb in the Glitterati set smelled incredible and I loved the inclusion of two mini bath bombs, which are perfect for a quick dip.

I had to rain check on the Miss Patisserie birthday bash (due to the whole, inconvenient giving birth situation). But have been enjoying their latest products since Christmas and think you’re going to love them. Keep your eyes pealed for more from my haul in the coming weeks.

My Thoughts

+ Vegan and cruelty free
+ Gorgeous packaging
+ All products contain cocoa and shea butter and are really moisturising
+ Lovely scents
+ Colourful and fun to use
– The outer wrapping paper isn’t recyclable and each bath bomb came shrink-wrapped in plastic, which seemed a tad unnecessary.

Obviously the Glitterati gift set was a present, but one I would purchase again or for someone else. I loved the products contained and it’s presentation. My only real criticism is that the packaging could have been more environmentally friendly. I think this is a fab gift for the bath lover in your life. And one I certainly enjoyed receiving.

I hope you have a good Thursday, whatever you’ve got planned. I’m heading to a baby massage class and hoping I don’t get soaked in the process!

This post may contain products sent for review, or affiliate links. For more information read my disclaimer.


5 Of My Lush Favourites

2nd September 2017
Lush favourites

It’s been a while since my last Lush Cosmetics post. And whilst I’m looking forward to their Winter launch (October 6th), I’ve found myself not using as much Lush this year.

We got a brand new shop in Cardiff. It’s got a similar design to the London Oxford street store. With sinks for demos, more display areas and a makeup section. The biggest change being there’s a spa downstairs. However -unpopular opinion- I have to admit I don’t love it. It’s a lot more cramped than our old store. And it always feels hectic. It’s a bit of an ordeal, so I don’t pop in when passing.

Of course I’m excited that we now have a spa! It’s cool to see a smaller city like Cardiff getting picked. And I’ve previously had to travel to Bath. But as I’ve been pregnant since it opened, I’ve yet to utilise it.

I’ve also been quite underwhelmed with this year’s new products. Jelly bath bombs which require as long scrubbing as was spent relaxing in the bath. And weird colours / scents. My last impulse purchase was Metamorphosis, which left me less than impressed! Brown bath water? Not for me thanks.

Lush Favourites

I’m hoping the Halloween and Christmas launch will redeem things slightly. But in the meantime all of this has meant I’ve gone without a few of my Lush favourites. Things I would normally grab when in store. Or chuck in my basket when doing an online order. Products which in my opinion are brilliant and pretty unique to Lush.

I decided to brave the store (on the last day of the Summer holidays … What was I thinking?). And stock up on enough bits and pieces to tide me over until October. I’m always curious to know what people’s all time favourite products are, so thought I would share five of mine.

1. A Bubble Bar

Bath bombs are fun and a nice treat. But for every day (I wish! ‘More regular use’), I prefer something which lasts a bit longer. I love Lush bubble bars as they have the strong scent and colourful bath water you would expect from a bath bomb. But can be used multiple times. My all time favourite has to be Karma. It transforms the bath water a deep purple colour and has a relaxing, sleepy scent. There’s a new Karma inspired spa treatment coming out too, for any other Karma scent family fans.

2. A Bath Bomb

Think Pink has been revised, so this is technically a new one for me. But the scent is an old favourite. It’s one of the more childish, sickly sweet scents like Snow Fairy. It reminds me of marshmallow and I have to admit whilst I love the more complex scents Lush is known for, these sweet ones are often my favourites.

I’m planning an epic bath spanning a couple of hours. Where I’ll be starting re-reading Harry Potter again. I did this last year around the same time and am totally planning on making it an annual tradition.

3. A Lip Scrub

The struggle to not eat this in one go is real. But the Lush lip scrubs are great for exfoliating with whilst in the bath. And my lips are horribly chapped. I’m guessing this is another one of those glorious pregnancy symptoms no one mentions. But either way, nothing a Lush lip scrub won’t fix. Plus I love the bubble gum scent.

4. A Face Mask

Mask Of Magnaminty is a mask I like to always have to hand. And one of my all-time Lush favourites. It’s gentle enough that you can whack it on whenever. But I find it really refreshes and clears my skin.

5. A Body Moisturiser

I alternate between Dream Cream, Sleepy and Karma Kream. But decided on the latter, to compliment my bubble bar. These body lotions make skin super soft and smell lovely on. A pot lasts for ages, making them great value for money.

It feels nice to have a bit of a Lush stash going again. Although I am slightly concerned, first I tweeted about going off pumpkin spice lattes. Now this. My blogger points are diminishing by the day.

What are some of your Lush favourites? Would any of these feature?


I Get All My Best Ideas In The Bath

15th July 2017

Much like Harry Potter trying to crack the next clue in the Triwizard cup, I get all my best ideas in the bath. I’m a water sign -not that I place much value in astrology- and definitely at my maximum chill level when in water. Unless you count that time I tried to learn to dive. So just to clarify, in not under.

In Iceland I discovered the true bliss which sitting in a hot tub whilst it’s cold outside brings. So much so, I now have one in the garden. My idea of a perfect Sunday is hours spent in the bath. Armed with refreshments and something on Netflix to binge.

From time-to-time my worried Mum sends me articles about bathroom electrocutions. To clarify I have neither a swanky wall mounted TV in my bathroom, nor a precariously balanced laptop plugged into the mains. I’ve found the charged laptop on the other side of the room method works well. Safety first. That and the fact I’d quite like to save myself the embarrassment of having to explain to a client I can’t finish their project. As I accidentally dropped my MacBook in the bath.

In high school I would sit in the bath, of an evening. Pondering social dynamics and wondering if the rest of life would be as torturous as school (thankfully not, as it turns out). It was where I would go to think. But somehow between then and now, I forgot about how many problems a good soak and some quiet reflection can fix.

Not emerging until my skin was well and truly pruned.

I like to combat the potential isolation of working from home by venturing out every now and then. Meeting friends for lunch in town is a great remedy for this. On one particular lunchtime, my friend and I decided to visit Lush and stock up on some bath treats. We got talking about the relative merits of various bath bombs. And she explained she preferred the ones which take a while to fizz, as she’s in there for a good hour.

I was shocked. How could anyone spend an hour in the bath? What on Earth was she doing in there?

She suggested taking an iPad to stream shows on and a can of Diet Coke. In my next bath I did just that. Game changer. My twenty minute baths went to hour long episodes. Not emerging until my skin was well and truly pruned.

So I have my friend to thank for helping me rediscover my love of long baths. Or blame for the new procrastination tool. Depends how you look at it.

Thankfully most weeks I have less to mull over than my angst-ridden teenage self. So I utilise the time to watch shows which would drive my other half slowly insane. Think Kardashian spin-offs and the latest Teen Mom OG episode.

I’ve also found that the bath can be a great place to do some distraction free writing. Especially when I’m having a phase of blogger’s block. Although the last time I did this, I got a blister on my finger from holding my phone for so long. Oops.

Whilst I couldn’t be more excited to be Mum, I suspect my precious bath-time is about to come under serious threat. So I’m making the most of it, whilst I can!

Miss Patisserie Bath Treats

Miss Patisserie are a vegan and 100% cruelty free skincare brand. Hailing from Cardiff, but available to buy in Boots across the UK & online. They make the prettiest bath products. I decided to treat myself this week and stock my bathroom cupboards with ethical treats for future bath brainstorms.

Does a long bath feature in your perfect lazy day?

Psst. This post wasn’t sponsored & all bath treats were splurged on by me. You can find similar products to Miss Patisserie bath shards in my directory.


Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day 2017

13th February 2017
Lush Valentine's Day

Ah Valentine’s Day.

We’re somewhat on the fence as a couple when it comes to this romantic time of year.

We don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day. Not in the cards and teddies kind of way at least. We’ve done some romantic things which conincided with February. Paris last year for instance. Although that was a week or so before to avoid the crowds.

I’m most certainly not against it. A pet hate is when the fun police come out online and say it’s cheesy. If you like it, I love it. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Traditions

This year I’ve decided I’m going to mark it in my own way. The realisation set in that it’s actually one of the first things to look forward to after Christmas. January is bleak and so like people in the Arctic celebrating the first sunrise after the dark Polar night, I’m jumping on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon. A slither of excitement in the constant fog, 5 week months and post-Christmas comedown.

Irregardless of any plans for me and mine, there’s one Valentine’s Day tradition I never let slip. Raiding the Lush Valentine’s Day collection arrivals.

Lisa Vanderpump is my spirit animal. I’m a longstanding fan of all things pink. It’s impossible not to feel a slight twinge of girly excitement when seeing hearts everywhere and a sea of red and pink tones.

Lush Valentine's Day 2017

Returning Favourites

This year Lush brought back some of my absolute favourites: The Unicorn Horn and their Loverlamp bath bomb. I of course had to stock up on those.

I also got Valentine’s Day lip scrub ‘the kiss’ which is essentially some really nice tasting sugar. For the second year on the trot I ate this in the bath whilst reading a book and do you know what? I regret nothing. My lips are still chapped but I can no sooner leave that in my bathroom cupboard than I could a bag of Mini Eggs. Hashtag willpower.


New Products For 2017

Along with returning favourites, we were treated to some newbies. I picked up both the heart eyes bubble bar and cupid bath bomb. Inspired I presume by emoji -and two of my most used I might add- these adorable new products smelled as divine as they looked.

Lastly I completed my little haul with the Love Spell moisture / massage bar. This was an Oxford Street exclusive last year. I really love their solid moisturiser bars. On contact they melt slightly and can be applied to skin, leaving it silky soft. Love Spell smells like rose and neroli oil.

Before Valentine’s Day was even close I had used up my new stash. Aaron surprised me with a Loverlamp bathbomb. My favourite (genuinely. Not in the Lush staff kind of way). As well as two butterballs, which I find make my skin feel utterly amazing. He’s alright that one.

As for our Valentine’s Day plans. I’m going to try and make something nice to eat. Followed by a rose flavoured desert of some description. On a recent trip down the Waitrose Cooks Ingredients aisle I spotted a pot of rose petals I had to buy. I’m being quite liberal with the word ‘had’ here.

Lush treats

Feeling Inspired

In a past job I assisted on a photoshoot for local chef Anand George (Purple Poppadom, Cardiff). He created the most incredible rose petal creme brûlée which I got to eat (perks of the job!). I’ve never forgotten it and in that moment had a surge of inspiration. Sadly I’ve since remembered I’m not a Keralin inspired master chef. I’m hoping Pinterest will save me.

Whatever happens it couldn’t be more of a fail than the year we attempted a romantic meal. We bought a pasta maker. Turns out, making pasta is hard. Scrap that. Making pasta is IMPOSSIBLE.

We phoned out for a Noodle Box and ate that by candlelight instead. A hilarious and special night, albeit for all the wrong reasons. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine’s Day. Whoever you’re with and whatever you’re doing. Although make sure you take some time out to treat yourself. A relaxing Lush bath can’t be beaten and this time of year is the perfect excuse. Not that I ever need one!

This post wasn’t sponsored & products featured were purchased by me. You can find similar products to The Lush Valentine’s Day 2017 Collection in my directory.


My Lush Winter 2016 Haul

10th October 2016

I love this time of year! All the seasonal collections launch and Christmas is fast approaching. Tomorrow is the Lush Cardiff Winter blogger event which I’ve been looking forward to since last year’s event was a lot of fun.

I like to stock up when the Winter collection lands in store, so decided to do my order online this year. I love how many new products launched and that some of my all time favourites came back for another year.