Sunday Riley Luna Retinoid Oil

After researching retinol and Vitamin A products, I’ve been wanting to add one to my skincare routine for a while and finally decided to take the plunge and get Sunday Riley’s cult status product: Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil.

Retinoids are Vitamin A derivatives which fight premature ageing, unclog pores, increase collagen and as a result reduce the appearance of fine lines, smooth the skin and even discolouration. They work fast, so you can see results almost overnight with longer term effects being seen in as little as four weeks.


This product is the most expensive skincare I’ve splashed out on, but as a few drops are used every other night it will last for a long time. As retinoids can be slightly harsh at first I started off using it twice a week, increasing usage until I now use it every other day without any issues.


The results are quite dramatic, with skin looking plumper, more even and smoother the next day. It’s fair to say I’m hooked and can’t imagine being without a good retinol product in my routine, although it’s worth noting Vitamin A products are not suitable for pregnant ladies or those breastfeeding.


Sunday Luna Sleeping Night Oil has a distinctive fragrance and blue tone, due to one of it’s other key ingredients Blue Tansy. Less is definitely more with this product so I use literally just a couple of drops at a time and apply it with my fingers.

Only time will tell if this was a good investment on the anti-aging front, but in the meantime I love the results I’m seeing for my skin.

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