My most worn eyeshadows are definitely neutrals and I’m of the mindset you can never have too many! As a result of spending time in shops Christmas shopping, my make up wishlist is growing at an alarming rate and I couldn’t resist picking up a little treat for myself in the form of this Seventeen Easy On The Eye palette.

Easy On The Eye

The palette features six shimmery nudes, one matt, three cream eyeshadows and a primer. I love the shades they’ve included, as far as nude palettes go it’s quite warm and all the shadows have good colour payout.

Easy On The Eyes palette

My favourite colours at the moment are the darkest bronze shade, the shimmery very light brown to it’s left and the warm rose pink. The cream products work well as base shades for nude looks and I’ve found the translucent primer is useful for dabbing over eyeshadow before adding glitter.

Easy On The Eyes palette

I picked this up from Boots for £7.99 which is insane given the quality. Another one to strike off my ever growing palette wishlist, but one I think will get tons of use.

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