For the past few years I’ve had sensitive teeth -something I attributed in part to the amount of Diet Coke I used to drink- so every few months when it gets painful I’ve pulled out the Sensodyne for a few weeks to reduce it. Sensodyne works wonders in that respect, removing any pain and allowing me to go back to my normal toothpaste in-between.

My reason for not sticking with Sensodyne all the time is largely the taste, it doesn’t feel as refreshing as a normal super minty toothpaste so for me it doesn’t make a good day-to-day product unless I’m experiencing sensitive teeth.

I was invited to try Sensodyne’s Pronamel range which is intended for daily use and fighting one of the leading causes of sensitive teeth, acid erosion.

Enamel is the white outer layer of your teeth which protects what is underneath. If you have healthy enamel your teeth will be very white, although over time acidic foods and drinks erode the enamel and expose the yellow and dull dentine underneath.

Lots of food and drink from fruit to soft drinks and even salad dressing can have a negative impact on tooth enamel. Some of these acidic foods are part of a healthy and balanced diet so rather than trying to cut them out, protecting teeth each day seems like a logical approach.







I was sent to try the Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste, mouthwash and tooth brush. Both the mouthwash and toothpaste have a really minty fresh taste, I’ve been using both for two weeks and haven’t had any issues with my teeth feeling sensitive which can sometimes happen with new toothpastes.

As acid erosion is one of my main dental concerns I like that I’ve discovered a range which can help combat that whilst working as a normal day-to-day routine.