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As a child I used to passionately loathe Sundays. The shops would all be shut (I realise that makes me sound ancient, but in fairness I grew up in a little Welsh valleys town). And nothing good would be on TV. I’d play outside but it’s Wales, so it was probably raining. Oh and Sunday marks the last day of the weekend so school the next day. Rubbish.

However as an adult, Sundays have a whole new purpose. Sundays are the perfect chill day. A time to reflect on the week ahead. Get stuff ready. Maybe cook a veggie roast and definitely have a long bath. In the hustle and bustle of the week, it’s hard to find time for self care.

But on Sundays, that’s about all I find time for.

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Lulu & Boo

I love discovering local brands. There’s something particularly cool about knowing a Cardiff-born company is making amazing protects and getting Nationwide recognition. Lulu & Boo are an organic skincare brand -vegan too!- from Wales who make all their luxury skincare products in the UK. They got in touch and asked if I would like to try one of their products. Which has been specially formulated for expecting Mums.

I love that Lulu & Boo products are entirely organic. Crammed with natural ingredients and are cruelty free.

Oh Stretch Marks

I’m over the half-way mark and my bump is growing at an alarming rate. I managed to wedge myself between my door and the wall a few days ago. It’s like I’m driving a new car I’m not used to. A transit van.

Stretch marks are an inevitable part of pregnancy. Wether you’ll get severe ones or not comes down to a lot of external factors. Including genetics. Which sadly can’t be purchased.

There are a lot of products looking to cash in on the insecurity of pregnant women. Whilst waiting for an antenatal appointment I glanced up at the flatscreen on the wall. Adverts aimed at mums-to-be played on rotation. And one particular device caught my eye. A sort of high-tech pair of spanx you wear at night. And a different set for the day. To be worn with special creams.

Do this and you will beat the stretch marks.

I decided to check out the website where I found more details on the process. What a bloody faff. You would spend the rest of your pregnancy anointing yourself with creams. Swapping hideously uncomfortable lycra pants. And in this heat? No thank you.

The icing on the cake was that this ‘system’ would set you back nearly £300. Welcoming a small human into your home is expensive enough as it is. Without spending hundreds of pounds on magic beans.


Needless to say, I didn’t purchase. But in a half hearted effort to do something, I popped some Bio-Oil in my basket when doing my food shop.

That Bio-Oil has been used precisely three times. And I’ll tell you why. Because every time I apply it, I feel as though I’m basting myself to go in the oven. Or getting ready for a 90s gameshow where I propel myself down various slides.

I concluded a while ago that I would take my chance with the stretch marks. Over feeling like the paper from a bag of chips each evening.

No outlandish claims. And no nasty hidden ingredients.

Lulu & Boo Shea Belly Butter

Lulu & Boo kindly sent me an alternative option. Their Shea Belly Butter. A deeply moisturising butter which comes with no medical jargon. No outlandish claims. And no nasty hidden ingredients.

The butter has a thick consistency which when applied, absorbs quickly. It has a subtle scent with notes of citrus and ylang ylang. But importantly it feels lovely on your skin and isn’t sticky or greasy.

Common sense dictates that moisturising the stretching area won’t hurt. Some people swear by products like BioOil. However I’m not allowing myself to get hung up about stretch marks. I love this product because it actually feels nice to use. My abdominal area is taking a hammering at the moment, so why not give it some TLC? This cream instantly soothes itching and makes skin feel lovely and soft.

I love that Lulu & Boo products are entirely organic. Crammed with natural ingredients and are cruelty free.

Also this pot contains a generous 130g. Enough for the rest of my pregnancy. And whilst I can’t yet comment on how effective it will be at preventing or calming stretch marks. I can say that it’s been a welcome treat for a tired, ever expanding pregnant girl on this cloudy Sunday.

So if you’re looking for a good gift for the preggo person in your life, check out Lulu & Boo’s Mother & Baby products. Or treat yourself! In addition to their pregnancy range, they have a ton of skincare products which can be browsed by type or skin concern.

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    1. Thanks Mel! Totally. I’ve got them already from general life so won’t be paying them much mind. I feel like I’m giving the gift of grumpiness and insomnia at the moment haha X

  1. I tried many products for stretch marks and nothing worked for me, I have stretch marks on my legs, bum and tummy for gaining and losing weight rather quickly when I was a teenager and I tried creams, oils and other solutions that promised to make them disappear. I love that this product is organic and cruelty free, sounds amazing! x


  2. I hated Sundays too as a kid, there was nothing to do and sports was always on tv and I hated it haha. I used bio oil religiously through pregnancy and it didn’t work at all, I’ve come out the other end looking like a tiger loaf haha but Lulu and Boo sounds really good, dfinitely avoid that Bio Oil…. bunch of liars…. Coz I’m not bitter at all 😉

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    1. Yes! I hate watching Sports, especially back when we literally all had 4 channels haha. A tiger loaf haha, that made me cackle out loud. Excellent description. I wonder if it’s worked for anyone? it’s just hailed as the kind of magic fix, when I don’t think in reality there is one. X

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