Growing My Own Salad With Seedball *

31st July 2018
Seedballs Salad Mix

This year I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden and have learned so much along the way. For the first time I had a go at planting from seed, planting a wildflower area (read: to cut back on the amount of lawn to cut), giant pumpkins and some flowers in my raised beds. There’s something weirdly rewarding about it. Scattering a packet of seeds, forgetting about it and then having a load of pretty flowers appear. I appreciate I’m explaining basic science, but even so I was chuffed when my haphazard gardening efforts paid off. And I think that’s largely because I’ve failed massively with seeds in the past.

They talk on the packet about planting in greenhouses first, then arranging in little grids. But more often than not, I’ve just attempted scattering from the packet and hoping.

I came across Seedball on Instagram, who create products which make growing from seed really easy. And they want to make it easy for all of us to encourage wildlife in our gardens in the process. Co-founder and conservation scientist Ana got in touch and invited me to try Seedball. Sending me a salad mix as it’s a little late in the year to grow wildflowers.

Seedball salad mix packaging
Seedballs in pot

Seedball have different packs, organised by the wildlife you would be encouraging or the type of plant. The packet I received contained a salad mix, which would grow to provide cut and come again salad leaves which will last all Summer.

Planting your Seedball seeds couldn’t be easier. I filled a pot with good quality compost and scattered the balls on the surface. Each Seedball is like a mini ecosystem, giving your seed everything it needs to thrive; Just add water!

Each seedball protects the seed within from birds, whilst giving it nutrition to get it growing quickly. Scattering the seedball pods on the surface felt strange at first, but a quick read of the packet reassured me that this was all I needed to do for now.

In a few days my seedball seeds began to sprout and a couple of weeks later, I’m nearly ready to harvest my salad.

Next Spring I’m going to plant wildflowers using packs from Seedball. They are so easy to grow and can be scattered in pots or flower beds, making them perfect for big gardens and balconies alike.

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