The world has gone highlight mad and I’m no exception. I tend to favour powder highlighters or matte creams. However I’ve had my eye on a cream bronze highlighter for Summer. Think ColourFX drops or Benefit Sun Beam.

I find these kinds of products lift makeup underneath. It’s been years since my once beloved Benefit High Beam was used. As I find these are better for more minimal makeup than I wear now.

However in Summer or on holiday, I love a bronzed skin focus look. When I spotted Rimmel Good To Glow in Boots for £4.99 I decided to get it. It’s not a product I’ll use frequently so I can’t justify spending too much on it.

Rimmel Good To Glow

Rimmel Good To Glow In Soho Glow

It’s available in two shades: Soho Glow which I purchased and Notting Hill Glow which is a pinky shade.

Soho Glow is a bronze shade with very finely milled glitter. It’s not sticky in consistency and glides onto skin easily. I was surprised at how well this product blends into the skin. The cream is very sheer and not overly pigmented which I like.

Rimmel Good To Glow is a cool gold shade and it’s super reflective. I love the way the light catches it. To recreate this look with a powder highlight you would need considerably more product on the skin. The light picks up not only the shimmer but the cream itself.

Rimmel Good To Glow

When the light isn’t picking up the highlight it’s very subtle on the skin. It doesn’t draw attention to texture or imperfections.

I wore this all week in Lanzarote with minimal makeup and loved it. I’ll be getting this out again for the Summer months.

This post was not sponsored & I wasn’t sent this item for review purposes. For more information about how I review products on this blog, check out my post: Makeup On My Blog | What’s In A Review?. You can find similar products to Rimmel Good To Glow in my directory.