Revlon Colorstay

In my search for the perfect foundation, I discovered a couple of highstreet brand foundations I’ve fallen in love with. And Revlon Colorstay is one of them!

Specially formulated for oily/combination skin, Colorstay is a medium coverage foundation which claims to last 24 hours. Whilst I’ll never test that claim, I’ve found this foundation does last well.

The formula is quite light in consistency and is slightly sheer. The coverage is even and good, but definitely more lightweight than other medium coverage foundations I’ve tried. I love how luminous this formula is and how it looks on the skin. Whilst it’s not full coverage, it looks flattering and natural. It’s build-able to a fuller coverage if preferred.

Colorstay is my Summer foundation. It ticks all the boxes I had when considering the Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea foundation. Whilst I’d still love to try that, this was an easier impulse purchase at £12.99.

It includes a broad-spectrum SPF 15. I’m wary of relying on products which include SPF for full protection. But certainly for the UK I think this is great. I’ve vowed to wear SPF this year all the time, even on slightly sunny days at home. However it’s good to know if I forget there’s some protection in my foundation.

Colorstay dries to a matte finish which doesn’t look dry at all and actually still has a lovely velvety look.

This foundation is perfect for hotter, humid weather. Not only does it contain an SPF, but it’s brilliant at lasting even when skin is oily. It wears nicely and maintains it’s luminous look throughout the day. I like that it’s a more lightweight foundation but it still covers my problem areas and looks even on the skin.

There are 20 shades in the range. I picked up medium beige which is slightly warmer than my skintone but a reasonable match.

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    1. Gemma has a dry version apparently, I didn’t realise they had others (doh!) so it might be worth checking that out X

  1. I haven’t actually tried any revlon products before but as I’m writing note about budget beauty, I will have to check this out xx

  2. I have yet to try this foundation. Even so, I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about it! 🙂

  3. This sounds good but I would have to pick up their version for dry skin, it is a foundation I have thought for years that I must try but I haven’t ever tried it, I need to change that asap xxxx

    1. It’s well worth checking out. Gemma said below she has the dry version and loves it. I hope you like it if you try it X

  4. I tried this too as i heard it was meant to be good for oily skin – it didn’t react well with mine 🙁 The only foundation I’ve ever been able to rely on is doublewear! Hopefully one day i can find a better high street alternative!! x


  5. I’m wearing this foundation as we speak and I love it! A girl at work today said, “Jordyn, your skin looks so soft!” I was flattered! I have the same vow to wear SPFs wether that is in my makeup or a sunscreen I would apply before my makeup. It’s so important to protect your skin. Great review! xx

    Jordyn //

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