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I mentioned in my post about Kylie Cosmetics and my Kymajesty review that I was a fan of the ColourPop liquid lipsticks and that given the close relationship between Kylie Cosmetics and ColourPop, I would be keeping a close eye on the metallics I knew they were about to release.

At only $6 each, these are considerably better value for money so unless you really love the word Kylie stamped on your liquid lipsticks, read on.

I picked 3 shades: Lights Out, Salt and Man Eater (swatched below).


The photos on the website show Salt and Lights Out as being very similar but in reality Salt and Man Eater were the closer shades. They both had bronze undertones, with Man Eater being the more Copper shade of the two. Lights Out is a beautiful warm gold shade.

Kymajesty had lots of chunky glitter in it which made it very tricky to apply, whereas these are more of a metallic finish than a glittery product. I was really impressed with just how metallic they appeared and how that looks on the lip.

They are easy to apply, with just a few swipes to get a really bold metallic look. They dry down quickly and are very lightweight, as with the matte ColourPop liquid lipsticks and they do this without being too uncomfortable which is a big plus. I do find with the really light liquid lipstick formulas it feels almost as though they could crack, but these stayed very smooth on the lip.

In terms of staying power, this formula was surprisingly good, probably the best of any liquid lipstick I’ve tried. When I picked them up from the post office I couldn’t wait to try them but as it was the crack of dawn had no make up on. I applied Lights Out and then had to run all my errands with luminous gold lips and no other make up on, because I couldn’t get it to budge.

I wasn’t sure if these would be more of a novelty product like Kymajesty but actually they’re very wearable. I think the finish is similar to that of a lipgloss but with the convenience of it lasting for hours.

I ordered direct from America and had no issues at all. No customs charges as it was under £135, very quick shipping and they came well packaged.

I love this product and have ordered some of the red and burgundy shades for Autumn. Look out for a review of their lippy pencils, Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin liquid lipsticks soon.

This post was not sponsored & I wasn’t sent these products to review. For more information about how I review products read my post: Makeup On My Blog. You can find similar products to ColorPop’s Ultra Metallics in my directory.

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  1. I really want to try these but thought ordering Color Pop was a bit of a nightmare from the US – did you order directly from their website?

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

    1. I’ve heard that too but no, absolutely no issues! Ordered via their website, their international shipping was very quick and overall it was painless. I have an order on it’s way now which will be my third x

    1. They’re quite subtle in a way as not glittery and neutral tones, especially salt which I think is the most wearable. For me though, they need to be worn with a full face, they’re a bit full on for a no makeup makeup day x

  2. I really want to order a few things from Colourpop now that they ship to the UK… I’m a bit worried that it will get out of hand, though! Thanks for the inspiration! x

  3. Wow these look great! Good to hear there aren’t any customs charges either, i’m always a bit put off due to that – will defo be checking these out 🙂 for $6 you can’t say no! x

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