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So straight after my 1 year of blogging post where I state I’m going to write about anything I feel like from any topic … Here’s another post about lipstick. What can I say? I have a bit of an addiction and there are a further 5 I’ve bought recently which need their own moment on here.

If you are curious about my stance on the brand itself, I shared my feelings about Kylie Cosmetics in a separate post. I will be reviewing this product purely on it’s own merit, but would suggest reading the other post first to get a bit of background.

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There’s been a lot of controversy about this shade, with customers reporting their bottles arrived half empty and that it was a particularly disappointing product for them. I’m happy to say mine arrived completely full and TL;DR I quite like it.


From what I’ve read, some customers expected a more black shade, however I had seen this on Kylie and loved the gunmetal colour, so I wasn’t disappointed as it’s a really dark metallic grey which applies surprisingly pigmented.

The wand is a little strange, it doesn’t feel comfortable to use or glide on smoothly as it’s covered in firm little bristles, although I expect this is to accommodate the glitter given her other wands look slightly different.


The formula is very thick which combined with the heaps of glitter, bristly wand and dark shade make this really difficult to apply. That’s not a criticism of the product though, more my application and the fact it’s such a drastic colour. Any product which gets on the skin wipes off pretty easily if it’s done immediately and I touched up with concealer to get better lines.


It’s scented -which I’m really not a fan of in cosmetics anyway- with this intensely sweet, sickly vanilla scent. It reminds me of candycorn, which is all well and good at Halloween but not necessarily what I look for in something I smear on my face.

This is a liquid lip you’re going to want to apply as thin as possible and wait, mouth open, for it to dry down. Any contact before it’s dried down is going to result in a lot of messy transfer.

Once dried, for such a glittery product it’s not uncomfortable to wear. It feels light on the lips and not too drying. It applies pretty evenly although due to the dark shade it’s very noticeable if not even, so on my first application I touched up sheerer patches.

As expected drinking with this is a bad idea and I got a lot of transfer, but it’s so dark and glittery I didn’t expect this to be an every day liquid lip and so I’m not judging it too harshly for that.

It wears as well as any of the liquid lips I wear regularly, except as it’s so dark even the slightest bit of pink lip showing through looks horrendous. Fortunately this formula layers really well so it can easily be touched up.


I think for taking photos or a night out this would be ok, but you really have to be careful when wearing it to avoid transfer. I like the product because despite being almost black and full of glitter, it’s surprisingly pigmented and easy to wear.

I don’t think this product itself deserved the slating it’s received, however for the price point and way it’s marketed I think customers understandably expect a polished product and seamless experience which not all got. Whilst I won’t be purchasing any future Kylie lip products, I am keeping my eyes closely on the ColorPop website for a restock of their metallics.

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    1. Thanks Rebecca, I’m glad you enjoyed! That’s awesome, I feel like it’s important to separate the review from that just because it adds bias which isn’t helpful to someone just curious about the lipstick <3

  1. This looks amazing – like you say not an everyday wear but fantastic for special occasions! It’s a shame its difficult to apply, i’d definitely love to check out those colourpop metallics though!! x

    1. I’m looking forward to wearing it! I think it’s expected though as it’s such a dark shade. They look awesome πŸ™‚ x

    1. Thanks Christin it’s definitely an interesting shade! I don’t use either side I’m afraid but I am on Bloglovin x

  2. This has been the only shade I’ve been tempted by from Kylie Cosmetics, but it’s the kind of shade that I would buy and be too scared to wear it out! It looks really nice on you! πŸ™‚ x

    Hey Rachieface

  3. I think it looks amazing but what a faff to get it perfect! I also just read your other post about her products…WOW! Eyes opened! Off to ColorPop… πŸ˜‰

    T x

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