Get Lippy

PS… Primark Get Lippy Glitter Lip Kit

Good Morning! I’m back today with another Primark beauty post. It’s fair to say I have a problem when it comes to passing Primark and not picking up something from their PS… beauty range. Their lip kits cost just £3 (considerably cheaper than just the custom fees you would incur ordering a Kylie Cosmetics lip kit) and contain a liquid lipstick and liner. Although In the case of Get Lippy you also get a glitter pot. Which is –obviously– the one I picked, because nudes.

Get Lippy

The liner and liquid lipstick in Get Lippy are a warm toned brown nude. I had hoped they would be as pale as the packaging as I already have a lot of lip products this shade. But that doesn’t take away from it being a nice wearable shade. In fairness a lot more wearable than a super pale nude. The glitter is brown and reflects gold.

Liquid lipsticks are uncomfortable to wear at the best of times. But I think adding glitter before it drys down would be akin to rubbing your lips with sandpaper. Fun for an event or photoshoot but definitely not for every day wear. Personally I’ll be using this glitter with my favourite primer Glitter Glue Shadow Insurance by Too Faced, for eye looks.

Get Lippy

The lip liner glides on with a soft and silky texture. I actually managed to snap it, by pressing too hard, oops. The liquid lipstick felt quite dry once it set and it did flake off around the inner mouth eventually. It doesn’t layer amazingly well but can be touched up. I didn’t transfer but did come away when drinking and eating. It’s one of those liquid lipsticks which stains the lips and so was a nightmare to get off.

All in all, I’d say it was decent. Especially considering the price! The complaints I have of the liquid lipstick are the same for most of them (and I’ve tried a lot!). In fact, some of the high end liquid lipsticks I’ve tried perform worse than this, so for £3 including the other bits you won’t hear any complaints from me. Whilst Get Lippy is not a liquid lipstick I would wear out for a meal or expect to last all day, I liked this kit and find the colour to be very wearable.

As with all Primark Beauty products, their availability in each branch varies massively. I’ve spotted metallic and matte lip kits in the Cardiff store, but in the absence of a website (side-eyes Primark) it’s difficult to say what shades they have out in total. If you’ve snagged one of these, or know of a kit not mentioned above, let me know!

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  1. This is a really nice nude, great price too. I wish we got Primark in Australia! Sending good vibes to you bud xoxo

    elese |

  2. I love your description of putting glitter on your lips! I can’t imagine anything worse!! Love the colour of this lip kit though! As my wee Northern Irish town doesn’t have a local Primark.. the closet is about 40-50minutes away I am very rarely in and when I am the make-up bits have been picked over so much I just ignore them! Need to keep my eyes peeled for wee bargains! xo

    Rach |

    1. Yeah I don’t think I’ll be doing that! They are always massively messy, you kind of have to dig through but it’s worth it!

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