Primark Beauty Fan Brush

Primark Beauty Fan Brush

I love finding a bargain. And have been eyeing Primark’s new -ish- beauty range for a while. Whilst everything looks really pretty and they have a big selection of products, I’ve been wary. It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying cheaper makeup for the sake of it. And I’ve heard mixed reviews of the quality. Whilst browsing for a new onsie I could cram my bump into, I noticed their magical looking brush sets. And had to have a closer look. I apply my highlighter with a MAC 129 brush as it’s more precise. Or my Zoeva fan brush, which is tiny in comparison to these chunkier fan brushes which have been popping up everywhere.

I really wanted to try one after seeing a demo at the Eyes On Spectrum blogger event. And have to admit, I thought it would look fab in my brush pot, as they’re so pretty!

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Primark have a few different sets but these petrol coloured brushes stood out to me.

Primark Beauty Fan Brush

Cruelty Free

At £6 this brush is slightly cheaper than it’s competitors. It feels as though the fibres are synthetic to me, but I’ve been thus far unable to clarify. So I sadly can’t confirm if it’s vegan or not. However Primark Beauty are a cruelty free brand.

One swipe covers my cheekbone in powder and I absolutely love the results

Primark Beauty Fan Brush

The Bristles

The bristles are super soft and as a result not very firm. Although the way the bristles are packed and the sheer volume of them mean the brush holds it’s shape well. And is really dense.

Unlike my Zoeva fan brush which is a lot thinner, this brush collects a lot of product. One swipe covers my cheekbone in powder and I absolutely love the results. The softness of the brush gives a natural application, but a bolder highlight. To achieve this with the smaller fan brush I am used to using, I have to go over a few times. Which I find can end up highlighting unwanted texture.

I have to admit, I’ve been blown away with the quality of this brush

Primark Beauty Fan Brush

Overall Thoughts

I have to admit, I was impressed by the quality of this brush. And I’m now curious to try some of the makeup in the Primark Beauty range. This was a fun way to try something new, without committing to a more expensive purchase. I’ll definitely be adding more Primark Beauty brushes to my collection.

Primark Beauty Fan Brush

If anyone needs me, I’ll be doing my best glowworm impression.

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  1. I’ve been debating whether or not to try the Primark brushes, but I think I might make the plunge and get one (or two).
    If you’re a fan of long nails, they’re glue-on nails are amazing and last forever.

    xx Bry Jaimea

    1. I love Beauty & The Beast so much! They have tons of really cute Beauty & The Beast PJs in at the moment but none in maternity sizes sadly X

    1. I was a bit sceptical but I’ve loved what I’ve tried so far. Got a £2.50 lipgloss which would give ColourPop or MAC a run for their money. X

  2. Wow Amy I love the colours of this one and I am so glad to hear that the quality is great. I wish we had a Primark, it’s been years since I shopped from Primark and I miss the bargains and super affordable clothes.


  3. This is very pretty, and great to know they’re cruelty free! I want to try a fan brush for highlighter so this seems a great way to start xx

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