Northern Lights bath bomb

Northern Lights bath bomb & Star Light Star Bright | The Perfect Lush Combo

All these hours of ‘research’ have finally paid off. And I’ve discovered the best Lush bath combo of all time. Northern Lights bath bomb & Star Light Star Bright. Both from the Lush Kitchen Cold As Ice gift set.

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Cold As Ice Lush Kitchen Giftset

I recently got the Cold As Ice gift set from Lush Kitchen. I decided to use two of the products I was both excited about.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb

Firstly Northern Lights bath bomb, an old favourite from the Halloween collection which is Jasmin and Ylang Ylang scented.

Lush Cold As Ice gift set
Lush Cold As Ice gift set

It’s filled with little star sequins and colour which leaves the bath purple and glittery. It would have been cool to see some green in there instead of the blues and yellow, just to make it more like it’s name sake.

Lush Cold As Ice gift set
Lush Cold As Ice gift set
Lush Cold As Ice gift set

Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt

Having sat in the bath watching Friends on Netflix for hours – refilling with hot water at least twice – I decided to use the Star Light Star Bright bath melt too.

The scent of this was amazing, featuring citrus and ginger it’s a really oily moisturising product packed with glitter.

Lush Cold As Ice gift set
Lush Cold As Ice gift set

I left the bath wrinkled like a prune and sparkling like a disco ball.

Given these products aren’t available now – and I’m only on season 7 of Friends reruns – I think my research into future Lush bath combos will need to continue for the foreseeable future.

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    1. I only do it very occasionally but this was worth it. Agreed, I think they’re one of my favourite kinds of products!

    1. I hope they do more products with that scent combo as I loved it! Ha, that would be awesome, I go for the less high tech option of propping the MacBook up somewhere haha x

  1. I love your photos so much! That combination looks great, I haven’t tried either product though I did have Sparkler last year which is like the sister product to Northern Lights with a rose scent, which I LOVED. xx

    Kimberley //

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