I’ve always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and pick my own pumpkin like you see on American films and TV, so internally jumped for joy when I saw that Hendrewennol -our local pick-your-own fruit farm- would be having pumpkins this year. The majority of our renovation work is going on throughout October and I’ll be completely without a kitchen for weeks, so I decided to do a little pumpkin cooking in September.








The pumpkins at Hendrewennol were ready early so we headed on down and were actually the first people there, giving me first ‘pick’. Whilst all the pumpkins have been homegrown on the farm, they were picked and placed on vines so they can be chosen, as they’re grown somewhere less accessible.

It was early morning and the lighting was so golden, it really felt as though Autumn had arrived. We wondered around inspecting the pumpkins before settling on two small orange ones for cooking and a massive green one we would ripen at home and carve on Halloween. We were given a great tip for helping ensure the pumpkin stays fresh for Halloween; Inspect it regularly and patch up any holes or breaks in the skin with duct tape.

Living in the city, it’s a nice escape to drive for half an hour and be in a rural farm. I love picking my own fruit, it always tastes better and makes for a nice walk.

The smallest pumpkin has already been sacrificed – he was used to make pumpkin and sage butter cannoli which I made with Jamie Oliver inspired truffle oil and cheese chips. So delicious I didn’t even stop to photograph it for the blog!