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I Get All My Best Ideas In The Bath

15th July 2017

Much like Harry Potter trying to crack the next clue in the Triwizard cup, I get all my best ideas in the bath. I’m a water sign -not that I place much value in astrology- and definitely at my maximum chill level when in water. Unless you count that time I tried to learn to dive. So just to clarify, in not under.

In Iceland I discovered the true bliss which sitting in a hot tub whilst it’s cold outside brings. So much so, I now have one in the garden. My idea of a perfect Sunday is hours spent in the bath. Armed with refreshments and something on Netflix to binge.

From time-to-time my worried Mum sends me articles about bathroom electrocutions. To clarify I have neither a swanky wall mounted TV in my bathroom, nor a precariously balanced laptop plugged into the mains. I’ve found the charged laptop on the other side of the room method works well. Safety first. That and the fact I’d quite like to save myself the embarrassment of having to explain to a client I can’t finish their project. As I accidentally dropped my MacBook in the bath.

In high school I would sit in the bath, of an evening. Pondering social dynamics and wondering if the rest of life would be as torturous as school (thankfully not, as it turns out). It was where I would go to think. But somehow between then and now, I forgot about how many problems a good soak and some quiet reflection can fix.

Not emerging until my skin was well and truly pruned.

I like to combat the potential isolation of working from home by venturing out every now and then. Meeting friends for lunch in town is a great remedy for this. On one particular lunchtime, my friend and I decided to visit Lush and stock up on some bath treats. We got talking about the relative merits of various bath bombs. And she explained she preferred the ones which take a while to fizz, as she’s in there for a good hour.

I was shocked. How could anyone spend an hour in the bath? What on Earth was she doing in there?

She suggested taking an iPad to stream shows on and a can of Diet Coke. In my next bath I did just that. Game changer. My twenty minute baths went to hour long episodes. Not emerging until my skin was well and truly pruned.

So I have my friend to thank for helping me rediscover my love of long baths. Or blame for the new procrastination tool. Depends how you look at it.

Thankfully most weeks I have less to mull over than my angst-ridden teenage self. So I utilise the time to watch shows which would drive my other half slowly insane. Think Kardashian spin-offs and the latest Teen Mom OG episode.

I’ve also found that the bath can be a great place to do some distraction free writing. Especially when I’m having a phase of blogger’s block. Although the last time I did this, I got a blister on my finger from holding my phone for so long. Oops.

Whilst I couldn’t be more excited to be Mum, I suspect my precious bath-time is about to come under serious threat. So I’m making the most of it, whilst I can!

Miss Patisserie Bath Treats

Miss Patisserie are a vegan and 100% cruelty free skincare brand. Hailing from Cardiff, but available to buy in Boots across the UK & online. They make the prettiest bath products. I decided to treat myself this week and stock my bathroom cupboards with ethical treats for future bath brainstorms.

Does a long bath feature in your perfect lazy day?

Psst. This post wasn’t sponsored & all bath treats were splurged on by me. You can find similar products to Miss Patisserie bath shards in my directory.


Getting Lost & Finding A New Direction For My Blog

12th July 2017

As of next week, it will be two years since I started blogging here. Two whole years. And I still haven’t deleted my blog. Pat on the back for me.

Whilst blogging remains my favourite hobby. And is really important to me. I’ve been feeling pretty deflated when it comes to my blog. A quick glance at other blogs would suggest I’m not alone. There seems to be an air of discontentment in the blogging World at the moment.


Adding Personality To My Workspace

3rd July 2017

Despite spending a considerable amount of time working from home, my office is neglected. In addition to being my workspace it’s also a utility room and the cats HQ. Posterlounge kindly invited me to pick out some new artwork to print on a poster for my home and I instantly thought of my workspace.


My Summer Fragrance Wishlist

28th June 2017
Summer fragrance

It’s not exactly Sunny today, but Summer is well underway. It’s impossible to pass through the shops without eyeing all the Summer fragrance launches. I tend to stick to a few beloved scents all year. However I’ve been tempted by some of the new fragrances I’ve sampled recently. And a few which whilst not new this season, make me think of Summer days, hot holidays and the beach.

What do you look for in a perfume? I have to admit I’m always drawn in by the bottle. Although of course the scent is paramount. I like fragrances which tell a story. From the packaging to the scent, I want to be reminded of something. All my favourite perfumes remind me of a time or place. Just a sniff of one from the past can transport you back to that phase of your life.

During the Summer I favour fruity and floral scents. Although anything too sweet is off the menu.


Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick In Bitch Perfect

23rd June 2017
bitch perfect

This week I turned 29 and had an amazing birthday. We usually go away but as I’m pregnant I wanted to do something more chilled and so Aaron arranged for us to spend the day at the Celtic Manor spa. I had two treatments: An Elemis mattifying facial and a manicure. In-between we lounged in the various pools and finished it off with high tea in their posh restaurant. I was spoiled rotten and today will be talking about one of my presents, Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in the shade ‘Bitch Perfect’.


Best Of Summer Beauty Gift Sets & Presents For All Budgets

19th June 2017
beauty giftsets

The classic British struggle: Moaning about the cold all year, only to complain non stop when it’s warm. I’m afraid I’m guilty of this and have to admit I’m finding this heat wave pretty uncomfortable. However there’s no denying Summer has finally landed and I’m excited to be celebrating my birthday this week. At this time of year, I love seeing all the beauty gift sets* and Summer launches coming out.

Sun and chlorine exposed skin needs extra TLC. Whilst Summer days have me longing for fruity and floral scents. I’ve rounded up 10 of my favourite beauty gift sets and presents for the beauty lover in your life. Or yourself of course! Because let’s face it, after a day at work in this heat, we all deserve a treat.


My First Impressions Of The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

16th June 2017
Naked Heat

The beauty world has been rocked this month with news of a new Naked palette from Urban Decay. It’s over a year since the last Naked palette hit shelves and I’ve been eagerly awaiting a follow up. The -aptly named- Naked Heat palette is filled with coppers and amber toned warm shades. At first sight I loved the look of Naked Heat. These colours are some of my favourites to wear and I don’t yet have a palette in this style. I was able to nab one in an early bird release, so read on if you’re wondering if it lives up to the hype.


Home Decor Details – My Bedroom

12th June 2017

It’s been 6 months since we finished our renovation. I started writing about the work we had done earlier in the year, but stopped short of finishing all the rooms. In all honesty, I had to take some time off from the subject. The renovation took months. And we were still working on it over Christmas! The subsequent cleanup took months too and by the end of it, I was just glad for it to be done. Months later, I’m enjoying the house so much. The plaster dust and mess is a distant memory. Whilst our bedroom was one of the easiest rooms we did -we didn’t plaster or knock anything down- the improvement is dramatic. And it’s one of my favourite spaces in the house.