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Postnatal Depression | I Am 1 In 10 | #maternalMHmatters

6th May 2018
postnatal depression

I don’t want to think about how many forum posts and web pages i read back in December. Searching for someone, anyone, who could tell me when things would get better. That was during the darkest days, of the hardest time of my life so far.

I didn’t know I had postnatal depression then, I called it the baby blues. But then two weeks came and went, so I started to call it the newborn phase. That was until I waded -seemingly through treacle- through every milestone, every well meaning friend or relative had given me. So I started to call it sleep deprivation. I was hideously tired after all. And not eating, having lost 3 stone after having my baby and just the 3 weeks which followed.


Urban Decay #Backtalk Palette

4th May 2018

If I only had to have one palette for Spring, this would be it. I had been planning on treating myself to Backtalk since it was announced and thankfully when it arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. Which is good, given I simultaneously broke my ‘must swatch in person’ and ‘no buying new releases’ rules in one fowl swoop.

I think I read once you’re not supposed to wear pink after 30. But then again, you’re probably not supposed to wear Nike Airmax post 30. Or spend several hours a day playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. But whatever, rules are meant to be broken (or in the case of ones like that, entirely ignored).


May Goals

27th April 2018

Get your N-Sync memes at the ready. It’s … Well I can’t say it now but you know what month we’re going into. After what feels like an ice age, it’s so good to feel the sun on my skin and beaming in through the curtains in the morning. Or at least it was when I started writing this, as it’s currently pissing it down outside.


Hello Again! So Erm, I’m Back Here

22nd March 2018

So I tried a thing. I rebranded my blog and moved my followers across, to a shiny new WordPress install. The AM Beauty Edit. I had visions of it being a daily updated beauty source, with different contributors and an airy, breakfast in bed aesthetic. I kicked it off by posting a handful of reviews and had some nice feedback about the rebrand (thank you!) but after a run of posts totally lost the will to blog. Annoyingly I took -quite literally- hundreds of photos ready for months worth of content. Not a small feet with a newborn and now a complete waste of time.


Skinnydip London’s New Cardiff Store + My Haul!

26th February 2018

Good morning! I’m loving these lighter starts but would be lying if I said the cold didn’t make me want to snuggle back up under my duvet. This morning I’m excited to be talking about one of my favourite brands, Skinnydip London!

I first discovered the Skinnydip whilst browsing my local Topshop, where they had a small stand hidden amongst the accessories. Since then their popularity has exploded and they now and have a presence in all Top Shop stores. Even expanding to open their own shops around the UK. Finally Skinnydip have opened in Cardiff (yay!), with an incredibly Instagrammable new shop in St David’s Arcade. To celebrate their opening, Skinnydip invited myself, Rachel and a group of other bloggers down to the store to hang out and pick some new swag.


Deciem NIOD Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%

24th February 2018
NIOD Photography Fluid

The weekend has landed and I’m back to share my latest obsession with you all. NIOD Photography Fluid From Deciem, a colour-correcting primer which glows from under your foundation, making skin look pretty flawless. Or as flawless as it’s ever going to look when you have to battle with Winter dryness, the odd hormonal outbreak and general every day life!


BADgal BANG! Benefit’s New Gravity-Defying Mascara

22nd February 2018

Unless you’ve been living in a cave you will have likely heard about the latest release from Benefit, BADgal BANG!. Possibly the most hyped-up product of all time, I had heard polarizing reviews from those who tried it pre-release so was excited to try it for myself.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the Escentual X Benefit Out Of This World launch event. In addition to spending some time inside a rocket ship and enjoying some beauty chat over cocktails with Rachel and the Escentual team, Benefit filled me in on the science behind the product and the reason for such a secretive launch.

I was given BADgal BANG! and have been wearing it daily since. So read on to hear my honest thoughts on whether BADgal BANG! is truly out of this World or just hype.


Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks

12th February 2018
Hydra-Gel Eye Masks

Good morning! I’m blessed with a baby who sleeps well, so am finally getting close to my eight hours again (well, sometimes. Babies are unpredictable creatures). Which is good because I’m horrible when trying to operate on no sleep! One thing which always gives the game away when I’m tired is my under-eye area. I’m talking dark circles not even the most heavy duty concealer can hide. Think along the lines of walking into a wall. Or sleeping with my mascara on. It’s a bad look. Enter the Hydra-Gel Eye Masks from Elemis.