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My Home fragrance addiction & The White Company – Blanc.

11th March 2016

It’s no secret I’m partial to a candle or two … Or four … Or six thousand. With that said, It’s been a while since I added one to my collection which felt worth blogging about and I’m slightly obsessed with this new addition.

I love The White Company, I like to dive in there for a few moments of calm when I’m braving the busy shops on a Saturday (at Christmas I was tempted to climb into one of the beds and hide under the sheets).

There’s just something so calming about a minimal colour balanced room, which is why a lot of my own home is very white and bright although I don’t think achieving that level of serenity is possible in real life if you actually intend to live in / use your house, still a girl can dream!


Upping My Eyebrow Game

9th March 2016

A while ago I decided I was going to do my own make up for my wedding. What I really wanted was to get Jamie Genevieve to hop on a train to Wales and highlight me so heavily I could be seen from space, but as that’s not on the cards I don’t think I would have been happy and it was an area I could save some money in so it just made sense.

Obviously now this call is pretty much out of my hands as we’re getting married 846 miles across the North Atlantic and whilst I’m sure there are awesome MUAs in Iceland, tracking one down would be an additional task I could do without at this point. So yeah, I’m excited and daunted by the challenge … I don’t want to look at photos for the rest of my life and think, what happened with that eyebrow? Or, What was I thinking with that wonky nose contour?

This has been a good reason to try and practice / improve some skills and first up on the agenda has been brows.


Sixties glam with Hairspray The Musical

6th March 2016

I have a soft spot for Sixties style, after-all the 1960s saw the rise of the nude lip, for which I’ll be eternally grateful and who doesn’t love a cut crease?

When I was asked to write about 1960s make up to celebrate Hairspray The Musical * -which is coming to Cardiff in March!- I instantly thought of one of my all time favourite style icons, Priscilla Presley; Queen of big black hair, heavy eyeliner and of course the nude lip.

I’ve rounded up a handful of products you’re going to want in your arsenal when creating Sixties looks that Priscilla would be proud of.


3 Favourites – Naked 2 palette shades

4th March 2016

The Naked 2 palette was the second in the series I got from Urban Decay, after falling in love with the original and I think it’s probably my second favourite but I’m guilty of going through phases with them. I tend to use my Naked palettes as my day-to-day eyeshadows and I’ll usually reach for whichever one is on top in the drawer which currently happens to be the Naked 2 palette.


Currently Trialling.

2nd March 2016

I love avocado, admittedly not as much as Dr Jean or Rachieface, but I’m a big fan.

Eating it, laughing at memes of it or smearing it on my face … I’ll take it in whatever form it comes, so when I was asked if I wanted to try the new avocado oil products from Antipodes*, I jumped at the chance.

On a serious note, avocado is so rich in goodness it’s got to be the tastiest superfruit; I first learned about it’s merits when I got into juicing and I’ve tried to incorporate it into my life as much as possible since.

I’ve tried a few of Antipode’s natural skincare products already so had an expectation when trying these, but on first impressions the Joyful hand & body cream* and Avocado Pear nourishing night cream* have overtaken everything else and become my favourite skincare products from the brand.


Life Lately.

29th February 2016

Why is it you can be tired all day but the minute you hit the pillow, night brain decides to kick in and suddenly you’re thinking of all the things? During one of these irritating episodes recently I found myself browsing Twitter -I know, blue light, not promoting sleep etc- and decided to run a little poll to find out what people thought about me posting more lifestyle stuff again. The other sleep deprived Tweeters online at the time voted in favour of this and so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post an update every once in a while.


The Natural Hair Edit

26th February 2016

I’m currently taking a short break from wearing extensions and whilst I’m counting down the days until my next appointment, there are some undeniable silver linings to this short, boring and devoid of volume hair cloud.

Besides the fact it doesn’t take seven-hundred hours to blow dry my hair at the moment, I’m also loving being able to reach for my oils and sprays which are completely incompatible with keratin bond extensions.

I thought that whilst taking this hair hiatus it would be good to post about some of the high street hair products for natural hair I love.


ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Vol 2 brushes

23rd January 2016

It’s almost the end of January and I’m only now posting about my Christmas presents – subtext: get it together Amy – and you may have noticed that my blog has not yet been redesigned … It is in progress but work has been hectic so sadly it’s had to go on the back-burner for a while.

With that said, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I certainly did and wanted to talk about one of my presents which I’ve been longing after for a while now, the ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Vol 2 brush sets.