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Lush Cosmetics – Karma Scent Family

5th April 2016

Karma is one of my favourite scents from Lush Cosmetics, so imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this body cream in the same scent family. I have no idea if this is a new product, I’ll admit to being less clued up on Lush skincare as I am bath and shower products, so it’s possible it slipped in whilst I was marvelling at the latest bubble bars.

I treated myself to the Karma body creme and bubble bar, which has cemented Karma as my favourite Lush scent.


Norway – Velkommen Til Tromsø.

1st April 2016

After writing about Paris recently I wanted to continue with some posts about the other places I’ve been to in the past two years.

Northern Norway was the first Nordic country I visited -also the first trip Aaron and I took together- and where I fell completely in love with the Arctic. Nothing makes me dream more of travel than looking through the photos I took whilst there, it was truly an adventure from start to finish which rarely went to plan, but that I’ll never forget.


Closed – 1 Month To Go & An Anastasia Beverly Hills Giveaway!

31st March 2016

It’s almost April which means I have one full month left to go before my wedding, eek! My initials aren’t going to spell my name anymore and I SERIOUSLY need to get my act together as in a few weeks I’ll be in Iceland, with no MUA, no hair dresser and who knows what weather to contend with.

To celebrate the countdown to my big day and as a thank you to everyone who comments on my posts with advice, product recommendations and words of encouragement, I’m going to be running a giveaway on my little blog.


Kiko Haul – Eyes

30th March 2016

Lately I’ve seen post after post about Italian cosmetics brand Kiko, so began trawling through their site and planning an order. I also featured a few of their eyeshadows on my most recent blogger wishlist post.

In the end, I concluded I would be good and held off from ordering, but whilst wondering through town I came face to face with their new store. They’re offering 6 items for 3, which I couldn’t refuse so I went in to have a look at their range and see if it lived up to the hype.


My Blogger Beauty Wishlist.

28th March 2016

Most mornings, I start with a cup of coffee and a trawl through Bloglovin’ catching up on new posts from blogs I follow. It feels like every few comments I’ll say something about adding a product to my wishlist, but stupidly I never note them down, instead my mind goes blank when I try to remember what something was called or where I read about it.

To try and combat that, I’ve started adding any products I’m interested in to a list and each month I’m going to share the ones which I plan to purchase.


A Weekend In Paris – Part One.

24th March 2016
love locks

When I started my blog, I fully intended to write about the places I’ve been whilst traveling, in fact I did for a while -but then deleted them because I’m weird like that- but I can never seem to decide if that kind of content has a place here. I don’t travel enough to have a travel blog (sadly) but at the moment certainly it’s a big part of my life. Inspired by Sally and her amazing retrospective travel posts and the awesome post by Jemma on why she can’t have a blog with a niche, I’m embracing randomness a bit more and will be sharing the odd travel post here and there, starting today as I’m feeling nostalgic about the amazing weekend I spent in Paris earlier this year.


The Universal Truth – Bubble Bars > Bath Bombs

18th March 2016

You know I’m a massive fan of bath bombs but lately I find myself opting more for bubble bars. Lush have been upping their bubble bar -I can’t say bubble bar aloud without getting bubble butt stuck in my head- game all the time and my favourite kind is the highly pigmented slightly damp feeling ones which crumble easily. If they feature some kind of oil or moisturising butter, even better.


50 Happy Things

16th March 2016

I’ve always wanted to do the 100 Happy Days project, but haven’t for fear of not completing it or annoying people with daily posts. Also I think it would be pretty hard and I would end up taking them in bulk.

With that said it’s such a nice idea, this post is heavily inspired by it, 50 things which make me happy, on this cloudy Wednesday.