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Our Magical Icelandic Wedding

19th May 2016

So I arrive home today from my honeymoon and am still pretty much on cloud nine after the wedding. I’m not sure how to return to normal life where I don’t get to wear my dress, where I don’t get to eat narwhal cake for breakfast and where rainbows don’t just appear behind me in photos … But I figured checking in with my little blog would be a good distraction.

As promised I’ve picked a few photos -which wasn’t easy as I love them all- to share.

We arrived in Iceland a few days prior, joined by our close family. The weather when we landed was very windy and wet, which didn’t really phase A & I as we’re quite familiar with the Icelandic weather and how quickly it can change, but I think some of our family were a bit baffled as to how we could be expecting to get married there anytime soon.

I didn’t have expectations really, we knew it was likely we would have an overcast day at best, but after a year of planning and lots of ups and downs, I was just excited to finally have our big day within reach. Amazingly, on the day we awoke to a completely clear blue sky with the sun beaming down and not so much as a gust of wind.

We got married at Sólheimajökull glacier, a special place to us which made for a breathtaking backdrop. I was so nervous walking ‘down the aisle’ -my aisle was a 15 minute hike along a gravel track- but when I stood in the fork created by the glacier all I could hear was the gentle dripping sound of the glacier melting in the Summer, which was so calming. Based on conversations with Icelanders, I think we may be the only people to have got married there, although I guess we’ll never really know. Sólheimajökull is sadly retreating at a rapid rate so it’s likely we’ll be the only people to get married in that exact spot. We were very careful to leave nothing behind and take only memories.

The ceremony was everything I could have ever dreamed of and something I’ll never forget. It was extremely personal and very ‘us’… It couldn’t have been better. We swapped out traditional wedding cars for a superjeep and stopped off at two of the famous South Coast waterfalls -Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss- on the way home where to my amazement, rainbows appeared behind us at both. We finished off our day with a meal in the stunning hotel we stayed at, which was based in the middle of the Þingvellir national park and then watched the Midnight sun go down from a hot tub.

It really was the perfect day for us, I couldn’t have dreamed it would be as amazing or feel as emotional and intense as it did. Whilst I won’t miss wedding planning, I’ll be remembering our wedding fondly forever.

  • Siobhan Emma

    Oh my goodness your wedding looks like it was absolutely magical! What a beautiful backdrop! Congratulations to you both xx

    • Amy

      Thank you Siobhan! <3

  • Yuka Suzuki

    Hi Amy!!

    I remember a couple of weeks ago you mentioned you were getting married and I was waitttting to see some photos of how your wedding turned out – I love weddings!

    Looks so beautiful and I’m so, so happy for you. I hope you had the most magical day of your life and that you both continue to be happy forever 🙂 Such a stunning place to have a wedding by the way.

    Love, Love!

    • Amy

      Hi! Aw yay, thank you!! It really was everything we could have hoped <3<3

  • Congratulations Amy! You look absolutely stunning, I think I said this on your insta but what an amazing location. The last picture with the rainbow is just breathtaking. It looked like a truly magical day and I wish you both good health and happiness! XXX <3

    Sally – DiagonSally

    • Amy

      Thank you Sally! It was the perfect setting for us. Thank you <3<3<3

  • naomi hall

    Congratulations. What a amazing place to get married. Xx

    • Amy

      Thanks Naomi! xx

  • Wow, congratulations Amy!! Your wedding looks so beautiful, what a uniquely stunning backdrop and the photos are amazing! I love the shot with the rainbow and waterfall! It looks completely picture perfect 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ “Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    follow for follow on bloglovin’? 😀

    • Amy

      Thanks Elizabeth! I couldn’t believe it when the rainbow appeared behind us, we’ve passed there countless times and never spotted one so I felt super lucky xx

  • Geraldine’s Wonderful World

    Congratulations! You’re wedding looks amazing, it’s such a nice change to see weddings in cool countries rather than hot countries! I love the photo with the rainbow, and all your wedding photos are so unique and original! Xx

    • Amy

      Thanks Geraldine! I don’t think I could have handled that dress in a hot country haha I was boiling all day. Thank you <3 xx

  • Your pictures look spectacular – you had the most beautiful day and you are a stunning bride <3, It's just magical and I love how you went to Iceland so unique 🙂 xoxo

    • Amy

      Thank you Rachel <3 I'm really glad it all worked out the way it did xx

  • Congratulations! Such a stunning place to get married,and you look absolutely beautiful!! The photo with the rainbow and waterfall is truly magical and I’m getting major wedding envy! <3

    • Amy

      Aw thanks Molly! <3

  • WAAH! These pics are just ridiculous. HUGE congrats!! I love the cake and that you made the whole thing so personal to you. You looked so beautiful and glamourous!

    T xo

    • Amy

      Thank you!! I’m still swooning over your flowers! Thank you <3

    • Amy

      PS. It totally cracked me up that you were the only person to instantly guess what would be on our cake haha!

  • God it just looks amazing! What a backdrop for you photos, will be amazing to look back and remember that in years to come! Congratulations lovely! x

    Tamz |

    • Amy

      Thank you! I’m looking forward to enjoying the photos for a long time, the day was over so quickly! xx

  • Congratulations dear! Wedding is such a beautiful and inspiring event in life just like the pictures above <3

    • Amy

      Thank you Kandice <3

  • WOW, this looks absolutely amazing. I am happy that you had a wedding of your dreams, the gentle dripping noise of the glacier must have been breathtaking! X

    • Amy

      Thank you Sophie! I went back a few days later to film the noise, just so I wouldn’t ever forget it 🙂 x

  • Yiotou_La

    Congrats!!! I love your photos and the background is simply amazing! It’s so nice that you planned the ceremony to be personal and what you dreamed of! Congrats again! 🙂


    • Amy

      Thank you! 🙂 x

  • Beautiful and breathtaking photos! Congratulations!! x

    Tash |

    • Amy

      Thanks Tash! x

  • Oh my goodness, how stunningly beautiful!! Congratulations lovely!! <33 Amazing, all the love ^_^

    Katie // Words By Katie

    • Amy

      Thank you Katie! <3 I want to do it all over again 🙂 xx

  • Jasmin N

    WOW that’s absolutely beautiful! Congratulations 🙂

    <3: Jasmin N
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  • That’s so romantic! Your pictures are amazing! Congratulations! Wishing you nothing but the best! xoxo

    • Amy

      Ah thank you Guilianna <3

  • Rachel Gaskin

    Wow, these photos are absolutely amazing! Congratulations!

    Would love for you to check out my blog!!

    So happy to have discovered yours x

    • Amy

      Thanks Rachel! 🙂 Nice blog <3 Thank you x

    • Amy

      Thank you Rachel! <3

      I checked out your link, thanks for sharing it! x

  • Anice Smith

    WOW!!! I am beyond impressed.
    You looked gorgeous and the theme of the wedding is brilliant.


    • Amy

      Thank you Ana!! <3 xx

  • Wow so cute!!

    • Amy

      Aw thanks Nataly, I was just looking at yours <3<3

      • thanks lovely! Mine doesn’t let me reply on comments for some reason! I have a “subscribe” link for the time being, but will open a bloglovin’ shortly! Congrats again on the wedding, such an adventure!

        • Amy

          Cool 🙂 Send me the link when you do <3 Thank you xx

  • Wow, so gorgeous !! When I’m older, I want my wedding (pictures) as cute as yours !! Oh and congratsss ofcourse 😉 <3 Xx

    • Amy

      Aw thank you <3