Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser

Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser

I recently picked up a new skincare product I’m so excited about. The Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser. I noticed when doing my weekly Ocado shop that they have a beauty section (uh oh!) and had an offer on all Nip + Fab products, so I decided to give it a try.

My skin type is best described as normal. Despite the unavoidable hormonal breakouts, I don’t suffer with acne. My main skin concerns are generally keeping it in as good a condition as possible. And fighting the signs of ageing. Despite having bad reactions to tons of body products and household products I touch, I don’t have sensitive skin on my face and can use pretty most products without issues.

If you read my AM & PM skincare routine posts, you’ll notice I use a lot of exfoliating acid products. I find they work really well for me and so they’ve become a firm favourite in my routines.

However I have noticed one side effect from using these types of products. My skin is oilier than usual.

Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser To The Rescue

I love the idea of a moisturiser which is perfect for using after acid toning. The Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser helps combat oil build up. Also it contains an SPF (factor 30) which is great as skin is sensitive after acid toning so an SPF should always be worn. It’s easy to forget in the UK where sunny weather is sporadic at best. So this is ideal.

As a rule I’ve heard it best to avoid relying on products which contain SPF rather than a dedicated sun block. However I wore this all week in Lanzarote and it really did protect my face from sun burn! It’s so much easier to remember as I never fail to moisturise.

The moisturiser has a thick consistency which instantly soothes skin. I use an acid toner both AM & PM but save my stronger exfoliating treatments for the evening. My skin can be red and a little irritated, which this calms. It’s not greasy at all and absorbs quickly. There’s a slight fragrance which is pleasant.

The Nip + Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser is the perfect missing link in my skincare routine and I’m so glad I’ve discovered it.

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  1. I wish this brand was available here, I have so many products I want to try. So happy to hear that it gave you the protection you needed during your vacation!! Lovely post Amy xx


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