NIOD Photography Fluid

Deciem NIOD Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%

The weekend has landed and I’m back to share my latest obsession with you all. NIOD Photography Fluid From Deciem, a colour-correcting primer which glows from under your foundation, making skin look pretty flawless. Or as flawless as it’s ever going to look when you have to battle with Winter dryness, the odd hormonal outbreak and general every day life!

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect base and love a dewy, glowing finish. My skin can be dry at times and so I find powders only emphasise that. And I usually avoid foundations with a matte finish as they tend to make my skin look cakey and dull. After giving my skin some TLC my redness and texture issues have improved and so I’ve recently switched to quite a light coverage, sheer foundation. I find a lighter coverage better for Spring and Summer anyway, so decided to try MAC Water Weight foundation.

NIOD describe the product as follows:

A novel approach to creating a foundation for skin that reflects even radiance in life and very specifically through the camera lens, this instant treatment is serum-textured but contains a wide array of light refracting prisms, tone and hue correctors and topical photo-finishing technologies to offer even radiance within seconds.

Skin Focus Makeup

I had heard rave reviews of NIOD Photography Fluid from Deciem and so it had been on my wishlist for a while. I thought it would work perfectly under such a lightweight base, so ordered it from Cult Beauty.

NIOD Photography Fluid comes in a glass bottle with a dropper applicator. The dropper isn’t great, as the product has such a thick consistency it seems to get clogged up. However that’s a minor complaint.

I always start a skin-focus look with good, hydrating skincare. Finishing up with a facial oil. A word of caution, when using NIOD Photography Fluid make sure whatever you’ve applied before is totally dry and absorbed. I applied it in a rush whilst my facial oil was still absorbing and for want of a better word, the NIOD Photography Fluid curdled. Understandable when you look at the consistency of the two products.

It’s almost like a good natural light day in a bottle.

First Impressions

The product initially looks like any other strobe cream, albeit with very finely milled ‘glitter’ particles. However when it’s applied to the skin it changes. I find applying NIOD Photography Fluid with a foundation brush works best. Once on the skin it creates an even skin-tone with a beautiful glow. NIOD advise you can wear this product on it’s own or under foundation. However I think that advice is more geared around photographers. As on it’s own in daylight it looks quite gold and so for me, not a great product to wear alone.

NIOD Photography Fluid

Through A Lens

As NIOD Photography Fluid was created with photography in mind, it doesn’t cause flashback or make you look greasy like some liquid highlighters and strobe creams can do under bright light. The effect is really subtle and flattering. It’s almost like a good natural light day in a bottle.

It gently colour corrects red patches, evening out the skin-tone. Where the light hits you get a soft highlight which doesn’t emphasise texture. Millie from Modish Rambling said it’s her go-to for photoshoots and I can totally see why!

I love how my foundation glides on over this primer. But also how healthy it makes skin look. It’s perfect for wearing with really minimal makeup or as part of a full face. NIOD Photography Fluid is also vegan and cruelty free.

NIOD Photography Fluid is available online At House Of Fraser, Cult Beauty or direct from the NIOD website for £20.