Travel Diary

New Year’s Eve In Reykjavik, Iceland

31st December 2014

We spent our last night in Iceland / New Year’s Eve in Reykjavik. Having heard stories of what it would be like and knowing they imported 500 tonnes of fireworks, I had high expectations. What we saw exceeded them completely. Although it was hard to do it justice with my camera!

First we went to a huge bonfire, with an organised fireworks display.

New Year's Eve Reykjavik

New Year's Eve Reykjavik

Then for 11:30 we went to a hill which overlooked the whole of Reykjavik. And waited with anticipation. Sure enough on the dot, when their annual NYE TV show finishes, the entire sky line lit up with thousands of fireworks going off in every direction.

New Year's Eve Reykjavik

All of the profits from the fireworks sold go to the Icelandic Search & Rescue organisation (ICESAR). A voluntary non funded team who keep locals and tourists alike safe in some pretty extreme conditions. It’s such an amazing idea. Apparently this has been going on for generations and it’s how they raise most of their funds.

Seeing such an unbelievable firework display and being in the most special country I’ve ever traveled to was the perfect way to end 2014 and see in the new year.