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My Wedding – The Cake

16th August 2016

It’s been 3 months since our wedding but it feels like ages ago. You wait for it for a year and then before you know it the day is finished and it’s just a memory, albeit a great one. I didn’t write much about my wedding prior to it, because it was difficult not to give anything away but I thought it would be fun to write about it in more detail over a series of posts.

Our cake(s) were made by Choccywoccydohdah and I wrote a bit about the process in an earlier post. When we completely changed our plans and eloped, we had to solve several problems, including how we would get this wedding cake to Iceland. We spoke to all the airlines, airport security and freight companies but as soon as I saw it finished I realised that would have been a complete nightmare. The cake was so stunning and detailed, trying to lug that across the Atlantic with us would have made me a nervous wreck.

The weekend before we were due to fly out, we drove to Brighton to collect our cakes. We carefully packaged the small one to come to Iceland and had the big one with our family, it felt so wrong cutting it but that moment really did mark the start of our wedding adventure.

We picked lemon and chocolate truffle, chocolate and champagne truffle and chocolate with hazelnut truffle. We had a lot of rushing around to do in the days prior to leaving, so would take cake with us to eat whilst we were out. We took some of it to Iceland with us and gave pieces to the family members we saw before leaving. It was so delicious but really rich and I’m happy to admit that after the initial portion and having to cut it up to distribute it, I had my filled my cake quota for the year.


Our wedding didn’t have a theme, as we stripped back on almost everything when we eloped but our inspiration for the cake was the Arctic and all the magical memories we’ve made whilst traveling which brought us to Iceland to get married in the first place.

I’ve not yet seen a narwhal in real life -maybe I’ll be lucky next year!- and humpbacks are actually my favourite whales, but narwhals are so magical they felt like the appropriate mascot for our cake.


The bottom of the cake was covered in shimmering shells and seaweed, which like everything else on the cake was completely edible.


I still can’t believe how perfectly Choccywoccydohdah turned our ideas into reality and how detailed our cake was. We had to leave our plans for dramatic centerpieces, flowers and decorations at home so having the over the top cake I dreamed of was a big deal.

  • Oh wow!! It looks like a completely mystical and fantastical cake! I love original ideas instead of the same 3 tired, ivory, edible flower cakes.


    • Amy

      Thanks Danielle! We wanted something different and I’m so glad we did as it was one of my favourite material wedding things we had xx

  • That is hands down the prettiest wedding cake I have ever seen – and yes that’s including my own!

    Emma |

    • Amy

      Aw Emma, thank you! I bet yours was gorgeous too xx

  • Hungry Caramella

    Wow, what a work of art! I used to watch the Choccywoccydohdah show on TV!

    • Amy

      Thank you! I love the show, I found their shop randomly in Brighton years ago and then watched the show, so I knew exactly who I wanted to do our cake <3

  • Yiotou_La

    I’ve never seen a wedding cake like this! So original and beautiful and I love the gold details 🙂 Congrats once again Amy 🙂

    Yiota x

    • Amy

      Thank you Yiota 🙂 x

  • This is a wedding cake of DREAMS. I have just pinned this because its so beautiful I need it on my Pinterest lol! I am so glad you got it across with you to wed. And omg the flavours, lemon and chocolate truffle legitimately sounds like my perfect cake…………. No seriously, I love this a little too much!
    I am not really a wedding person because I find weddings very same-ish (and over priced) So although my partner wants to get married soon..I have been a little apprehensive about spending so much money on an un-personal day but your wedding posts have totally inspired me! X

    • Amy

      Thanks Sophie ha! It was certainly the wedding cake of my dreams. We didn’t take this one because I think that would have been a disaster but took a mini one :). The flavours were amazing I wish we could have saved them to enjoy them after to be honest as I was kind of over caked by that point.

      I’m totally the same. Not a wedding person at all and the cost of weddings generally still stings but the best advice I could give you is to do it all your way 100%. I’m sharing posts about each part of our wedding over the coming weeks so hopefully it’ll help inspire you to ignore tradition and do whatever makes you both happy 🙂

  • Honestly, just looking at this makes me smile. It’s incredible. I love what it symbolises. Magical!

    Tara x

    • Amy

      Thanks Tara! You were the only person who correctly guessed it would have a whale on it haha <3

  • What a beautiful cake! It sounds amazing. I don’t even know if I want to get married, but I’m seriously excited about the cake options if I do.

    • Amy

      Thanks Alice! I say get the big cake for whatever you fancy, I’m now thinking of excuses to do another one in the future haha. x

  • This is incredible Amy! Beautiful design and stunning colours. It must have been difficult to cut as well just because of the sheer detail and intricacy of the cake! Love it & really enjoying reading about your wedding xx

    elese |

    • Amy

      It was really hard to cut we kind of had to saw at the back. It was weirdly sad cutting it because it’s so beautiful but it tasted amazing. Thanks Elese <3

  • Incredible cake! Absolutely love it, and the blues look amazing 🙂 x

    • Amy

      Thanks Sophie 🙂 x

  • Wow what a beautiful cake!

    Gemma x

    • Amy

      Thanks Gemma, they did such an amazing job we were thrilled x

  • Amazing!!! Choccywoccydoodah make the most insane things. I love your theme and the colours of the cake are so cool xx

    • Amy

      Thanks Ruby! They really do, I’m now looking for excuses to get more cakes designed. Thanks so much xx

  • Wow this cake is absolutely beautiful and so magical, I’m in lovee!! 🙂 x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    • Amy

      Thanks Jenny! I wish we could have saved it forever ha x

  • Oh my god I love it! I genuinely used to think Narwhal’s were made up by Futurama and have been fascinated ever since I found out they were real. This is amaaazing. I’m obsessed with how Choccywoccydoodah manage to make everything out of chocolate, I absolutely hate fondant so this looks a dream!

    • Amy

      Thanks Michelle! I hope to see them in the wild one day that would be amazing. I hate fondant too and icing generally so I think they’ve nailed cake making for people like us x