My skincare favourites – Glamglow Youth Mud Mask

Glamglow Youth Mud Mask is my favourite face mud mask. When I’ve had a breakout this is my go-to skincare saviour. It removes dead skin and helps reduce the appearance of red marks and blemish scars.

It’s a vegan product. Free from parabans and sulphates. It’s crammed full of natural ingredients including volcanic minerals and rock. It also contains green tea leaves which give it a distinctive scent.

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I apply this mask allover my face. It can be quite harsh so I sometimes avoid dry areas. If multi-masking is your thing you can mix and match this with something more moisturising.

The mask dries quickly. A feeling of tightness is completely normal. I leave the mask on until all areas are visibly dry.

Next I exfoliate off with a clean damp flannel. Making gentle circular movements to towards the outside of my face. A lot of product will come off into the sink. Messy removal is one of the downsides to mud masks. Although the results you can achieve make it worth the hassle.


As the Glamglow Youth Mud Mask is exfoliated off, it takes with it any dry dead skin. This leaves soft smooth and visibly glowing skin.

Occassionally I find my face is quite red after use. So I always follow up with a hyaluronic acid serum and good moisturiser.

I use this mask once a month routinely. During periods of bad skin I increase the frequency. It helps calm the appearance of marks left by spots and redness.

Glamglow Youth Mud Mask

Similar Products To The Glamglow Youth Mud Mask

Bodyshop’s Seaweed Ionic Clay mask has some similar properties. While cheaper than the Glamglow Youth Mud Mask, Bodyshop’s Seaweed Ionic Clay mask is harsher and more drying. I love that the Glamglow Youth Mud Mask can be used regularly without drying the skin. My skin feels softer after a couple of uses.

Finally another firm favourite is the BB Seaweed mud mask from Lush Cosmetics. In contrast to the Glamglow Youth Mud Mask, BB Seaweed is more gentle. Therefore it can be used several times a week.

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