My Home fragrance addiction & The White Company – Blanc.

It’s no secret I’m partial to a candle or two … Or four … Or six thousand. With that said, It’s been a while since I added one to my collection which felt worth blogging about and I’m slightly obsessed with this new addition.

I love The White Company, I like to dive in there for a few moments of calm when I’m braving the busy shops on a Saturday (at Christmas I was tempted to climb into one of the beds and hide under the sheets).

There’s just something so calming about a minimal colour balanced room, which is why a lot of my own home is very white and bright although I don’t think achieving that level of serenity is possible in real life if you actually intend to live in / use your house, still a girl can dream!

Despite seeking refuge in there on a pretty regular basis, I had until now not purchased any of their candles. One Christmas a couple of years ago my friend and I purchased essentially the same candle only mine was from John Lewis and hers The White Company. She paid about 5 x more than I did and I joked with her that she was insane for buying such an expensive candle.

Being an accountant she quickly pointed out the burn time vs cost for both, but I still wasn’t convinced. That Christmas I used my candle in it’s entirety, to this day hers is still on her coffee table going strong. I’m willing to admit she was probably right!

I needed a new candle for my coffee table, having picked up a cute little glass dome I wanted to use with it so decided to give in and get one from The White Company. I fell in love with Blanc, a really fresh and floral scent featuring juniper berries, geranium and something I couldn’t place which turned out to be patchouli oil and reminded me of my sister in the 80s (lol sorry Jas).

It’s has two wicks so lets out tons of scent and as it’s quite different from the fragrances I normally use, it really stands out.

What’s your favourite candle scent?

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