My current favourite nude lipsticks

I really love nude lipsticks. I dread to think how many nude lip products I’ve bought over the years, it’s like an addiction. Since I was 17 I’ve had a tube of MAC’s C-thru on the go, I wish there was a way of knowing how many I had purchased over the years, but on the basis that I use about 4 – 5 a year I must have had 40 – 50 which is just … Insane.

It’s a hard task picking my favourites, but I’ve managed to select six which I love. Some of them are old faithfuls and others new additions I’m really liking currently.

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I’m a firm believer though that nude lipsticks work for all occasions / seasons / eventualities. With that said, there are times where I want to go for a really glossy light nude lip and other times I want something more understated (like, once a year). For a more glam look I use a nude lipliner and go over with MAC C-thru … Who am I kidding I always go over with MAC C-thru.

My Favourite Nude Lipsticks

Starting in the top row and going left to right:

  • MAC Cherish – Quite a warm brown shade, this is perfect for Autumn and one I wear a lot at the moment to work.
  • The amusingly named Walk of shame from Urban Decay. I know in the photo this looks really pale (we’ve all been through that awkward phase of wearing practically white nude shades and thinking it looks good), but it’s actually got a really nice satin texture to it and goes on more like a gloss.
  • Rare Breed from MAC. A few of these are from the MAC Haute Dogs collection I recently purchased, such as this pinky nude shade. This is one of the more understated shades which is really easy to wear with just about any make up.
  • MAC Fleshpot – an old favourite, but one of the harder ones to wear as this is quite an unnatural nude colour for me. I love Fleshpot but find it works better when I have a fuller make up on to compliment it. I had a bit of a fangirl episode and ordered several from the Heatherette collection when it came out in the states, purely for the pink holographic packaging.
  • Nose For Style, another new addition from the Haute dogs collection, I love this warm shade and how versatile it is.
  • Fresh Brew – One of my long time favs, this is quite a subtle colour which compliments any make up.
  • Fashion Pack – Another one of my new purchases, this has a more pinky hue to it so works really well with gold tones. As with the others from the Haute Dogs collection they’re mineralise rich lipsticks so have a nice soft texture which makes them less bold and easier to wear every day.


Missing from this list of nude lipsticks is the amazing Myth, one of my all time favourites and another I’ve worn for years. I’ve actually run out and need to replace it, but it would without a doubt get a place in this list.

In addition to C-thru, I have a ton of nude lipglosses I like to experiment with. Currently I’m using Lapdog from the Haute Dogs collection which is super glittery and great for glamming up a more casual nude lip.

Know of any others I should try? Please let me know! I’m always up for trying new shades.

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  1. I have always wanted to pull off a nude lip but being so pale I tend to look quite ill whenever I try and sport one. I remember buying MAC’S Hue and falling absolutely in love with it but unfortunately it didn’t feel quite the same about me (haha)! I’ll stick to loving the look of them in their tubes! These all look super pretty and I can see they suit you 🙂 x

    Christina Marie –

    1. I’m naturally quite pale so can only wear nude lip stuff when wearing lots of other make up but in all honesty that’s … Most days haha. Thank you! xx

    1. I’m really feeling that kind of shade at the moment, it’s definitely more forgiving than the pale nudes. Haha, I think I probably look pretty pale a lot of the time but people are used to it by now. Awesome 🙂 xx

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