Working on our house into December meant that my living room furniture went back on the same day as my decorations were put up. I always put them up on -or even before sometimes, yes I’m that person- the 1st December. This year as everything is so hectic, whilst I did put them up on the 1st I decided to opt for a more subdued theme for our decorations.

My living room is painted grey with lots of Scandi touches and I didn’t want to take away from that as I’ve been looking forward to having the living room back for so long. To get around this I got some new decorations to compliment my existing ones in a white and winter wonderland themed colour scheme.




I picked up some bauble storage bags from Amazon a few years back which have been really handy, no more smashed decorations or not being able to find what you need. I have them colour co-ordinated by theme so it’s easy to switch up our decorations each year. I’m slightly obsessive about organisation so love inventions like this, good old Amazon.

Closer to Christmas I have more bits and pieces to put up but so far I’m loving seeing the tree sparkling every day. Only 7 more sleeps to go!