My August Favourites

I feel like last month I barely shared any beauty posts and as a result a few new products I tried haven’t got a mention on my blog. These are the products I’ve picked up this month and loved, or have been reaching for the most.

1. Benefit Hervana lipgloss.
I’m not really much of a lipgloss girl, especially not pink and shimmery but I received this in a subscription box and kind of love it. Unlike my beloved nudes, I can wear it without any other makeup so I took it camping and found it helped me feel more human without all my slap on. Hervana is that 90s dusty pink shade and for a glossy lipgloss it’s not horrendously sticky.

2. Makeup Revolution bronzer palette.
I recently reviewed the Hot Spice blush palette and it wasn’t an overwhelmingly positive review. The formula of these products isn’t great, so you might be wondering a) why I’ve since purchased another and b) how it’s made it into a favourites post? Well I came across it in Superdrug and really liked the shades, yes it has the same fallbacks as the Hot Spice palette in terms of lots of fallout but it’s not as pigmented -as you would expect from blushes- which makes it a lot easier to use. This palette is great for a powder contour and I like the mineralise blushes included in this, they’re more up my alley than the pinky red shades in the other palette. This isn’t ever going to replace my day-to-day contour powders but it’s excellent value for money and during the Summer when my skin changes slightly from the Sun, it’s good to have a few different options. I gave these palettes a hard time previously but on reflection I think I might have judged them too harshly.

3. Makeup Geek Nude Liner
I’m enjoying a nude liner for some makeup looks and this pencil is great, despite it being such a pale colour it has excellent colour payoff. I’ve learned that this is only really a good move for some colour looks, others seem to have the effect of making my eyes look like they’re popping out.

4. Lush Mask Of Magnaminty
This is such a firm favourite in this house. I like that this mask is really effective whilst not being too drying or harsh to use regularly.

5. Jeffree Star “I’m Nude” liquid lipstick
I know Jeffree Star isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I can understand why, but I’m not really a fan of jumping on the internet drama train. I don’t do due diligence checks on brands I buy makeup from, it’s really not all that serious but I do feel myself wanting to unfollow the lot of them on social media when they start slinging hate back and forth … We came here for the lipstick!

Whatever your opinion of the brand, I have to say that I think this formula is one of my favourite liquid lipsticks and for that reason alone, I’ll be continuing to add to my collection. Expect a review of these coming in the near future, as it’s been a while since I rambled about liquid lipsticks.

7. NYX Angel Veil
Another one I gave a less than glowing -no pun intended- review about. I find the white pigmentation in this difficult to work with so imagine it would be pretty useless for the majority of customers, but with that said it is a really decent mattifying primer for the price tag and I’ve been using it over the hottest points of Summer to stop myself looking like a greaseball. Would I buy this again? Probably not, because thankfully it’s not normally this hot, but I will certainly be looking to NYX for my next day-to-day primer.

8. I Heart Makeup chocolate eyeshadow palette
I really didn’t want to like this as much as I do. As I keep mentioning I’m not crazy about Makeup Revolution’s formulas (Makeup Revolution are the same company as I Heart Makeup), it’s obviously a budget product and as a result it’s filled with parabans, the dodgy pigments and lots of talc. This palette includes Parfume in the ingredients because it’s scented *big sigh*. I can see the appeal if I was eight, but why on Earth would I want my eyeshadow to smell like chocolate? There’s enough crap in this formula already without adding perfume, but I can agree it’s a cute concept, just not great for your skin.

For all those reasons, I had avoided this but I swatched it in store and what appealed to me was the pinky purpley undertones. I really don’t need anymore neutral palettes in my life (but will obviously be getting the Naked Basics palette … As I have issues) but on closer inspection these are quite subtly unique colours. It’s almost like the Naked 3 palette mated with the Naked 2 and this is the result. There are even a few nice mattes and a brow highlight which is such a nice shade I’ve used it on the cheek bones. The pigmentation is alright, not the best but nothing a spray of Studio Fix+ on the brush won’t resolve.

I’ll definitely be reviewing this at some point and checking out the others in the collection, as I can see why they’re loved so fondly by a lot of people now.

9. Sailor Moon Eyeliner Pen
I picked this up in China Town, after the Blogger’s Ball with my friend Rachel. She took me there to show me all the awesome Japanese beauty products and I actually did a haul I was going to post, but after walking about London in heels for hours my feet were so tired I got straight in the bath the next day and used half of them. Part of the issue is that the packaging is entirely in Japanese, so even though the masks smelled nice, I couldn’t really review them. One of them for example was simply called ‘Sexy Hello Kitty’ and the rest was in Japanese, I wasn’t sure a review stating I felt considerably sexier and more cat like after using it would be much use, especially when I couldn’t state what it was, where to get it, what it contained, how much it cost and what it claimed to do.

Rachel had used the Sailor Moon eyeliner before and mentioned that it was actually a really good product, so combined with the insanely cute packaging I was sold. It took me a few months to be able to bare taking it out the packaging, but I’ve used it since and it’s amazing for getting fine tapered flicks, although I’ve noticed if you get it in your eye it makes them water like crazy which is … Slightly concerning, but LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!

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  1. The Jefree Star lipstick looks like my sort of shade and formula – I also don’t care too much for social media drams so it’s going on my wishlist 🙂

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  2. I love the look of the Jefree Star liquid lipsticks, the formula sounds so good and I love the packaging! Talking of packaging the sailor moon eyeliner looks AMAZING :O Love this post! xx

    Tash |

    1. It’s my absolute fav liquid lipstick! It’s so cute I can’t handle it haha I want to collect them all. Thanks Tash! x

    1. It’s so pretty! Totally, but with that said I completely get it if someone chooses to boycott a brand, it’s just not my cup of tea <3

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