Mrs Mighetto X H&M Baby Collection

18th June 2018
Mrs Mighetto X H&M Baby

Most of Aurora’s clothes come from H&M Baby. They have such an adorable, fashionable -yet practical- range, I can’t help but keep picking bits up. And without a doubt, one of my absolute favourite nursery decor brands is Stockholm based, Mrs Mighetto. I’ve got Mrs Mighetto print wallpaper -which if I’m being honest, I’d quite like to use in my own room- for Aurora’s bedroom. So you can imagine my delight upon discovering H&M Baby’s first ever collab was going to be with them (Spoiler alert, I went into meltdown and ordered nearly all of it).

Mrs Mighetto X H&M Baby Range

Modern Nursery & Baby Style

I spent large parts of my pregnancy fawning over Scandinavian nursery decor and baby clothes. Tracking down the best websites and greeting the postman with increasing levels of difficulty.

I really didn’t like the typical stuff which was on offer from the big high street retailers. And completely fell in love with the modern trend. Lots of monochrome colours, Scandi inspired touches and independent designers.

Mrs Mighetto X H&M Hat

Whilst I totally appreciate our 7 month old baby is blissfully oblivious to interior design trends, I have to admit decorating her nursery has been so enjoyable for me. And I’ve become a bit obsessed with cool baby brands!

Mrs Mighetto X H&M Baby Tshirt

Mrs Mighetto & The Mini Mighettos

Mrs Mighetto products feature whimsical children and animals, painted beautifully in watercolour. They always use a muted colour palette and ooze fairytale magic. I fell in love with the first design I saw. And love that the Mrs Mighetto X H&M Baby collection is so instantly recognisable. Using the same blush pinks, greys and watercolour blues seen in their prints.

Mrs Mighetto X H&M Baby Label Design

I love the feel of H&M Baby clothes and the Mrs Mighetto X H&M Baby collection doesn’t disappoint in that respect. I know these will last and wear well, as the other H&M Baby clothes I’ve purchased have. Which is just as well, given I won’t be buying anything new for a long time after this haul.

Mrs Mighetto X H&M Homeware

Baby Clothes & Homeware

My favourite item from the products I ordered is the tulle dress. Although I love each piece! And I love the storage boxes and cushion which will go in Aurora’s nursery and future bigger bedroom perfectly. I love H&M homeware and their kids collection is always super cute.

Mrs Mighetto X H&M Tulle Dress

H&M Exclusives

Mrs Mighetto prints and other interior products are pretty expensive, but this range was priced like normal H&M Baby collections.

I love H&M collabs for the fact they make designer brands accessible (even though I wasn’t lucky enough to snag anything from the Balmain launch). And did panic a bit about getting all this, although there’s less of a ridiculous, website-wrecking demand for their kids clothes … For the time being at least.

Mrs Mighetto X H&M Baby Blue Romper

I can’t think of another designer they could team up with, who would make me as excited (or skint). But I’m looking forward to that resolve being tested, if the Mrs Mighetto X H&M Baby collection is a sign of things to come.

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