I went to YSL in search of a new foundation. A friend recommended them to me. Having checked out their Fusion Ink foundation, I’m sad I didn’t try something from this brand sooner.

Fusion Ink Foundation

Having been unhappy with my foundation for years, I decided to change brands. I used to use MAC Cosmetics full cover foundation religiously. However when they changed their formula, it became sheerer and achieved a less flawless finish. I’ve since tried several alternatives from MAC, Benefit and No7. None of which I felt compelled to repurchase.

I bought the Fusion Ink foundation and it’s the best I’ve used in years. YSL don’t use powders in their foundation and it glides on. The finish is similar to a powder, which I love. It’s full cover but I have to use very little to achieve a flawless coverage. It lasts well throughout the day in all conditions. It’s made using oils which evaporate away after application, leaving only pigment behind. Also the formula smells amazing and has a lightweight feel. As a result, I’m completely converted.

YSL Lip Products

Finally I also picked up a lipstick and lipgloss. I’m equally as impressed. I love the shade of the burgundy lipgloss in shade Prune Organdi. It’s scented lightly. The applicator works well and I love the shape.

The lipstick is also scented and has great colour payoff. I love the light blush pink nude shade (Pink In Paris). It’s highly wearable.

In conclusion, whilst YSL were a new brand to me, they are one I’ll be keeping a close eye on.

This post was not sponsored & I wasn’t sent this item to review. For more info, read Makeup On My Blog | What’s In A Review?. You can find similar products to Fusion Ink in my directory.