May Goals

27th April 2018

Get your N-Sync memes at the ready. It’s … Well I can’t say it now but you know what month we’re going into. After what feels like an ice age, it’s so good to feel the sun on my skin and beaming in through the curtains in the morning. Or at least it was when I started writing this, as it’s currently pissing it down outside.

My blog of late has been a pretty good metaphor for where my head’s at. A mess, confused, a bit vacant and non-committal. I have had to navigate so much change, in all honesty I’ve hardly known if I’ve been coming or going. And my blog has been no exception. Things are settling down nicely and I’ve really felt like blogging for the first time in months. So naturally my computer picks this opportune moment to die on me.

Not before when I soaked it watching shows in the bath. Or one of the many times I’ve dropped it. And somehow not at any point prior, when I’ve lugged it all over the World in a backpack. It decided to die when I was off work, barely using it.

The guy from Apple kindly pointed out that the repairs would cost more than the computer was worth, so sadly my MacBook will be going to the big scrapyard in the sky. And in the meantime, I’m computerless.

As it’s twenty-eighteen (god, you know you’ve been on maternity too long when you genuinely have to pause to check that’s the right year) being computerless doesn’t mean no internet. I’ve got my phone and iPad, so no excuse really. But it’s totally caught me off guard. I’ve lost a load of blog photos. And have no way to edit any new photos I take. I have my old site half online and the imported content broken on this site. I didn’t even clear my internet history (note to self: set fire to hard drive). So yeah, it’s all a bit inconvenient. Admittedly a first-world-problem kind of inconvenience, like Waitrose running out of perfectly ripe avocados, but an inconvenience never-the-less.

I should apologise at this point for the rambling. Without those passive aggressive little Yoast traffic lights, I’m free to use sentences as long as I like. And in real life, I do have a tendency to garble lots, at quite a pace.

Rather than wait for a new computer to magically appear, I decided to just jump on the fact I’m in the mood to blog … And blog. I’m going to do my best to start writing more regularly and catch up with my favourite reads.

May Goals

Drink at least 2l of water a day – I feel so rubbish when I don’t, it’s bad for health, skin, hair, concentration … Feeling thirsty. Yet I still seemingly go through phases where I’m rubbish at it.

Cut out caffeine – Motherhood has taken my caffeine addiction from bad to ridiculous. I love coffee but switching to decaf whilst pregnant didn’t kill me (ish). And as per my first point, I need to be 80% water not 80% Starbucks.

No aspartame drinks – I gave up Diet Coke a couple of years ago and didn’t touch it for ages, but whilst pregnant really craved fizzy drinks and got back into bad habits. I notice I crave sweet stuff a lot more when drinking it, but also forget to drink water. It apparently has been proven that it takes 17 days to break a habit, so I’m hoping giving it up entirely for a month will get me back on track. I realise I sound like some sort of addict writing that, but my love of Diet Coke is next level.

No Chocolate – This is just a May thing, as my birthdays in June and you’d better believe there’ll be cake. As with the caffeine and Diet Coke, I’ve been over indulging to say the least and am trying to instil some discipline.

Pass My Theory – I’m back on the case with learning to drive. And I didn’t think I’d say this but it’s going really well and I love it! My goal is to be driving by the Winter. And getting my theory out of the way is a boring but vital step.

I’d like to add blogging again to the list, but I’ve found the more you force it, the less you feel like doing it. So I guess we’ll see.

What have you been up to? Do you have any goals for May?