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May Empties | The Makeup & Skincare Products I Finished This Month *

4th June 2018
May Empties

I’ve been meaning to do this for a thousand years (slight exaggeration). I’m focusing on not buying any new products, just using what I have and ridding my collection of products which aren’t cruelty-free. So each month I’m going to talk briefly about the products I used and what I thought of them.

Initially I planned to not feature any products on my blog which aren’t cruelty-free. However i’ve change my mind and I’m going to include all my empties and state clearly if they’re cruelty-free or not. This gives me a chance to talk about what I might replace them with and the brand’s status. So without further rambling, these are the products I finished in May!

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🐰 Champneys ‘A Well Earned Treat’ Summer Dream Rewarding Bubble Heaven

Well that’s a bit of a mouthful. Funnily enough it’s written on every product in this range ‘this is not a food’. Just in case anyone was wondering and felt peckish.

I picked up this range when there was an offer in Boots on luxury bath products. And I’ve repurchased them each month since. I love the scent, it’s subtle but really Summery and delicious. And the products themselves are lovely to use. They feel luxurious and are kind to skin.

This bubble bath could have been more heavily scented, but otherwise was gorgeous. For quick baths it’s nice to have a good old fashioned bottle of bubble bath. This lasted all month across several baths. It left my skin feeling soft and created huge bubble clouds. Perfect for relaxing in after a long day.

Price: Champneys Spa Summer Dream Rewarding Bubble Heaven is available on Boots for £12. And the 3 for 2 on indulgent body care is still on
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Would I Repurchase?: Yes

🐰 Champneys ‘A Well Earned Treat’ Summer Dream Rewarding Salt Scrub

I have a pot of this salt scrub in my shower at all times. It smells amazing and is perfect for quick daily exfoliation. As it’s made with salt it doesn’t contain any nasty microbeads and I’ve found it to be kind to skin.

I’ve seen an improvement in my Keratosis Pilaris, when using this in the shower. Followed up by Alpha H Liquid Gold and lots of moisturiser. Although it’s slow going!

Price: Champneys Spa Summer Dream Rewarding Bubble Heaven is available on Boots for £10. And the 3 for 2 on indulgent body care is still on
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Would I Repurchase?: I already have.

🐰 Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

I was sent this to try from Wishtrend and absolutely loved it. I reviewed it in a recent post: Trying K-Beauty Brand Klairs Skincare. If you want to save some money on your Wishtrend order, use my affiliate link and code for June: HEYJUNE.

Price: Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream is available on Wishtrend for $24.50 (£22 ish).
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Would I Purchase?: I already have

🐰 Decléor Aroma Cleanse

This was gifted to me by Escentual and is one of their French pharmacy products. This milk cleanser leaves skin feeling super clean. It’s not harsh on the skin and has a delicate scent.

Price: Decléor Aroma Cleans (full size) is available on Escentual for £23.
Cruelty Free?: Decleor are owned by L’Oreal but are not sold in China. They are against animal testing and do not test their products or ingredients on animals.
Would I Repurchase?: Yes although personally I tend to opt for cheaper milk cleansers and use them as the first cleanse, with a higher-end cleanser next.

🐰 Esscense The False Lashes Mascara Dramatic Volume Unlimited

I picked this up in-store in Wilko for less than 3 quid. Esscense never cease to amaze me with the value for money they offer. As you can see from the state of this packaging, this was a much loved product. I liked the cone shaped brush so washed it off and kept it. This is a mascara for those of you who love volume. It’s a bit of a Benefit They’re Real dupe and didn’t smudge all day.

Price: The False Lashes Mascara Dramatic Volume Unlimited is available from Wilko for £2.80.
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Would I Repurchase?: Yes, this has become a go-to and for that price, you can’t beat it.

🐰 Tropic Sun Drops

I got this in a beauty box some time ago and sadly think it had gone off by the time I used it. This stuff brought me out in a rash on my face and the tanned colour looked awful. Really blotchy and orange. However as I say, I can’t recall when I got it and I can see they have new packaging now. So I would reserve judgement on the product. With that said, I Googled it and found lots of other people having the same issues. So whilst I can’t say I used the product as instructed, I wouldn’t purchase it again. The price point is more expensive than alternatives too. You do get a lot of product, but probably more than I would need just using it throughout the Summer months.

Price: £22 from Tropic Skincare
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Would I Repurchase?: No

🐰 Bee Good Honey & Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water

I really wanted to love this, the brand are really ethical and it sounded like a nice product. This was a product I got in a beauty box but wouldn’t have necessarily picked. As I’m always a little wary of 3 in 1 products. I found this to be quite mild in terms of it’s ability to remove makeup. And also it left a bit of a sticky residue. I finished it and didn’t hate it, but it’s not one I’d repurchase. I would however like to try more from this brand.

Price: £10 from Bee Good
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Would I Repurchase?: No

🐰 Arbonne Calm Soothing Eye Gel

My Arbonne consultant is the lovely Kate, who first sent me these products to try back in November. I naively thought I’d be blogging again in a matter of weeks, oops! But it does mean I’ve had extra time to get through everything. You’ll be seeing the other products in coming months.

This eye gel has been saving my life since hayfever kicked in. It’s so cooling, I have been lathering it on under my eyes morning and night. It’s really hydrating and feels very comfortable on the skin. I love the products I’ve tried from the Calm range so far.

MLM companies have a bit of a dodgy rep, but I can say that I’ve been impressed with the Arbonne products I’ve tried. And Kate has been brilliant, she’s really knowledgable about the range and not even remotely pushy about selling products etc. It’s been a great introduction to Arbonne and I can recommend going through Kate if you want to purchase any products (not an affiliate link etc, just a recommendation!).

Price: The Calm Soothing Eye Gel is available from Arbonne for £26.00.
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Would I Repurchase?: Yes

🐰 Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm

The OG favourite. I love this stuff, have been using it constantly since 2014. I’ve mentioned the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm many times on the blog and don’t think it needs much more of an introduction. If you haven’t used this, grab a sample, it’s a game changer!

Price: £30 for 50ml or £47 for 100g from Cult Beauty. I appreciate that’s quite pricy but it lasts for ages and is the bomb dot com.
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Would I Repurchase?: Yes

🐰 Arbonne FC5 Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream

I really liked this hand cream and it saved my Winter hands, but it’s not a product I typically spend a lot on. Especially in these warmer months.

Price: The FC5 hand cream isn’t in stock currently but you can shop the FC5 range here.
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Would I Repurchase?: No

The Products I Finished In May

Surprisingly all of these were cruelty-free. Which is cool as for the most part, I’d repurchase them. Let me know what products you’ve been using lately.

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