Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners *

Good morning! How was your weekend? The rain scuppered any plans I had of spending time outdoors, so instead I did some much needed beauty admin. Reorganising my most reached-for skincare, in a new bathroom cabinet. Now I can find everything I need which is perfect timing as my skin is hating Winter. Next I need to tackle my makeup drawers, but that’s a -nightmare- job for another day. Something new graced my makeup collection this week, in the form of two Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners. Matte gel eyeliner crayons which come in a range of bright shades to make your eyes pop.

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Marc Jacobs Highliners

I was sent these products to try from Influenster, in my first ever VoxBox. Influenster send complimentary products for you to try and review, so I was excited that my first box was from Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Marc Jacobs Highliners

I was sent two pink shades: Pink Of Me and Popular. Pink Of Me is a pale baby pink, with Popular being more of a bold hot shade. Of the two I was more drawn to Popular, but think the two shades compliment each other well and could definitely be used together.

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners glide on and have a creamy texture. I love how easy it is to create different angles and a tapered line using these. You can create a bold eye look in minutes with minimal effort using these crayons.

Marc Jacobs Highliners

The pink shades are fun but not colours I would reach for regularly. Both shades have great colour payoff and these liners seriously do not budge once they’re on!

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners are blendable allowing you to create a smudged out look or more defined lines and flicks.

highligher swatches

At £20 each these aren’t the most budget friendly eyeliners. However their longevity make them worth splashing out on, in my opinion.

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  1. Am I the first? Yay! Good morning. My skin is hating winter too, I need moisturizing everything and have some trouble getting foundation to blend beautifully (those dry flakes..). Those liners look nice – I would love to try something from Marc Jacobs as I’ve seen them get good reviews and I love their packaging. 🙂 Oh – and I bet both of those shades look bomb on you! I challenge you to wear them, especially Popular 😉

    x Charlotta Eve

    1. Haha! I’m switching over to a sheerer foundation as full coverage is making me look dead! I hate Winter skin, it’s a nightmare. Challenge accepted! Popular is a really nice shade I could see myself wearing, need to get adventurous!

  2. Both shades are pretty, I use more pinks now in comparison with last year where I wore only brown and black eyeliner. You should do a makeup look using these, it’s so fun to experiment with makeup!!


  3. Love the shades, but indeed not as wearable for everyday. I’ve been having my eyes on these highliners for the longest time and did try the smaller version out once but never repurchased them. I love the colour selection the line offers and this just reminded me of that and how maybe, just maybe, I should go out and pick up a few of them 🙈 🙈

    Sam Hodgett || Beauty, Food & Lifestyle

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