Makeup Revolution liquid highlighters

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters

Hello! It’s almost the weekend and the sun is shining. If you want cheekbones to match, get your morning coffee and read on. As today I’m talking about my latest budget obsession, the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters.

The first highlighter I ever used -before strobing was a ‘thing‘- was High Beam from Benefit. I’ve had a bottle of High Beam in my makeup bag for 15 years (not the same one! It would be an antique) and even though I rarely reach for it now, I have a nostalgic soft spot for the stuff. I find that High Beam tends to wipe off whatever is underneath it, so whilst it works nicely with minimal makeup or under foundation, it’s less useful for creating the kind of full-on glow we all now love. I’ve seen the CoverFX drops getting a lot of love but at £35, I didn’t want to risk it. Naturally when I saw a dupe in the form of the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighters costing just £6, I had to get my hands on them.

Before I start raving about my love for this, I wanted to clarify my stance on dupes. I definitely believe that sometimes you get what you pay for. And I own a lot of ‘high end’ makeup, which I feel was worth the price tag. With that said, we’ve all purchased something and felt it wasn’t. And for every high end product in my collection, there’s a drugstore (so American. High street, budget, etc) find which I use and love as much. I could care less about having something for the sake of it, so dupes which just look a bit like something more expensive do little for me. I also understand why sometimes you might want to buy from a specific brand, even if there’s a dupe or cheaper alternative available. However I love dupes as they make makeup accessible for everyone. Today’s teenagers don’t know they’re born honestly. No more Dream Matte Mouse. Anyone on a limited budget can build up a decent makeup collection and enjoy the trends and fads being talked about on Youtube.

Personally I might opt for a dupe if I feel a product wouldn’t be used enough to justify an expensive splurge. Or if I’m not sure I will get on with it. Or of course if I’ve heard a lot about it on the blogs and social media. Because who doesn’t love a bargain?

I can understand why brands might get a bit miffed, especially with a brand as brazen as Makeup Revolution / TAM Beauty who pretty much specialise in creating dupes of the latest popular products. But at the same time, it brings those brands to a whole new market. If you buy all your makeup in Superdrug, you may have never come across Tarte (as an example) who aren’t available in any UK stores. But now thanks to the Makeup Revolution concealer everyone is obsessing over at the moment, that market is aware of Tarte’s Shape Tape. Now I’m not saying Tarte need the exposure, simply that I’m sure they’re not losing sleep over it. A far worse scenario would be a competitor brand bringing out another high end concealer which people prefer. And that happens constantly. At least with dupes there’s a bit of a nod (ok, blatant copying) back to the original.

Makeup Revolution are a favourite brand of mine. Their dupes sail very close to the wind in terms of how similar the packaging is, but their formulas are always good in their own right. I have a lot of Makeup Revolution in my collection which holds its own against more expensive products. Their affordable price tag make them easy to pop in your basket without too much justification, which is exactly what happened with the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighters.

Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter

The external packaging is clearly based on the ColourFX Drops. For £6 you get 18ml and they have 12 shades available, which will cater to all skin tones.

I’m amazed at how natural it can look. I had a preconception that liquid highlighters would be really bold and so not great for every day use, but these work well with minimal makeup.

I have pale, cool toned skin (NC15 In MAC Cosmetics for reference) so get on best with pearl or pale champagne coloured highlighters. With that said, I own most colours and as long as they’re not too dark look absolutely fine. Or perhaps people are blinded by my tin-man nose and so can’t see to comment. But with liquid highlighters which tend to be more full-on, I concluded I should air on the side of caution.

I picked up the shade Luminous Lunar which is a pearly shade that slightly reflects a cool gold. The best of all Worlds.

Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter

Just one drop of this goes a long way. I applied it to my cheekbones, nose and cupid’s bow using my fingers (I know, profesh) over and under foundation. Under foundation this looks just like MAC Cosmetic’s Strobe Cream which I’ve been using -and loving- lately. Obviously sans the moisturising benefits. I’ve been wearing the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighters under tinted moisturiser and I’m amazed at how natural it can look. I had a preconception that liquid highlighters would be really bold and so not great for every day use, but these work well with minimal makeup.

They can also build nicely for a stronger highlight. And look great over foundation. I’m pleased to say the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighters layer well over other makeup, making them more wearable than the OG Highbeam.

Luminous Luna Swatch

Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter Swatch

As you can see from the swatch above, they create a subtle glow which is barely visible unless the light catches it. I think the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighters would work for anyone with dry or dehydrated skin, not wanting to overload on powder. Or draw attention to dry patches.

I can’t comment on how much of a direct comparison the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighters are to the CoverFX drops, as I don’t have the latter. But these wear really well throughout the day, are buildable and layer over other makeup without issues. So I would say these are well worth picking up either way.

Let me know if you’ll be picking up any of these. I’ve already gone back for the shades Champagne and Unicorn Elixr, so I’ll be glowing my way into the weekend.

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  1. I love dupes too and I agree that you get what you pay for, there is no comparison in the quality of items. W7 has a dupe for High Beam, I bought it last summer and it’s great!! I am definitely buying one of these (or two) but I will choose Bronze Gold or Rose Gold!


  2. Ahhh I love MUR and their dupes! These highlighters look so good – I keep eyeing them up every time I see them. Will definitely have to check them out now.

    Sophie x

  3. I bet this is a great option for powdery highlighters, since they can sometimes look cakey. I love the packaging of this. I haven’t tried any Makeup revolution products (I think..), but you convinced me! I need to get my hands on some products.

    Charlotta Eve

  4. I have one of these and it’s absolutely stunning! I don’t usually purchase obvious dupes in which a cheaper brand purposefully keeps the same layout, packaging, and sometimes even the name of a product (like the Light and Shade palette) but dupes like this I love!

  5. Oh wow the color is beautiful, and the price is such a steal compared to high end brands! I’ve yet to try any of Makeup Revolutions products but generally I hear good things about the value and quality! Even though I typically prefer powder highlighters, I think I can make an exception for this one!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  6. I have heard so many things from this brand but haven’t tried anything from them yet. These look like a great option and the shade is gorgeous,I love the subtleness this had yet is still buildable. I generally opt for a more subtle highlight but once in awhile do like something a little bit more extra, so this is really a great option. Thanks for this post, i’ll look into them!

    Sam Hodgett || Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. They’re one of my fav highstreet brands for sure. I’ve been wearing these daily, they can be quite subtle or layered for a really glowy highlight. X

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