Lush Cosmetics Valentine's Day

My Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day 2018 Picks

Happy hump day! And more importantly, happy last day of January, the never ending month. I’m looking forward to February for longer days and cute Valentine’s day launches. I always enjoy the seasonal launches from Lush. After Halloween and Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the next major collection they release. Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day products were available to preorder online this year, so I placed my order a couple of weeks ago not knowing when to expect it to ship. It actually arrived shortly afterwards and so I’ve already had a chance to start working through my haul. And this morning will be sharing my picks with you.

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Lush Cosmetics Valentine's Day 2018

From the Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day collection I ordered a mixture of bath bombs, melts and reusable bubble bars. I haven’t been overly impressed with some of the innovations from Lush over the past year (or the hike in prices!). Jelly bath bombs were a massive fail for me. And the bizarre bath bomb that was Metamorphasis was truly awful. I see that’s still for sale and am utterly baffled by it. Seriously, who is buying those?

Bubble bars are awesome as you can reuse them and usually get 4-6 baths. This obviously represents better value for money. I was sad to see some of 2017’s Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day products not making a return. But was pleased to note Titsy Totsy, the Unicorn Horn and Rose Bombshell made a comeback. As always there were some brand new products in the collection and I’m pleased to say, not a blob of jelly in sight.

My Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Picks

Unicorn Horn

An old favourite which has returned each year, Unicorn Horn is a -super cute- reusable bubble bar. It creates pink bathwater and smells of lavender and ylang ylang. Unicorn Horn costs £4.50 and can be used for several baths.

Love Boat

This bath bomb is new for 2018. It’s one of the older style bath bombs which dissolve quickly. Filled with rose and lemon oils, Love Boat has a sweet scent and leaves skin feeling moisturised. At £4.25 I Love Boat is over priced and so not a bath bomb I would repurchase.

Titsy Tosty

Titsy Tosty

Titsy Tosty is a floral scented bath bomb, filled with rose petals. The perfect Valentine’s treat for yourself or a loved one. Titsy Tosty has been redesigned slightly but is a returning product from past years. And one of my favourite products from the launch. Titsy Tosty costs £3.50 and whilst that does feel expensive for a one use product, the rose petals and novelty factor make this a cute gift or treat.

Rose Bombshell

Another returning favourite, Rose Bombshell is available this year in both normal size and giant. Rose Bombshell is a bath bomb with a strong rose scent, filled with yellow rose petals. Whilst I like this product, it’s priced at £4.50 which is too expensive for a one use bath bomb in my opinion. But as with Titsy Tosty, it would make a nice present.

Heart of Enlightened Expectation

This is described as a bubble bar melt and is another one crammed full of floral oils. The Heart of Enlightened Expectation also has heaps of cocoa butter in, making it very moisturising and perfect for using in a long bath. It’s also priced at £4.50 but can be used more than once.

Whole Lotta Love

Whole Lotta Love looks adorable and contains two butters. It’s full of lustre so creates silky, pink bath water which smells incredible. Whole Lotta Love costs £4.57 and whilst it is a bubbleroon and reusable, I found it didn’t go as far as other bubble bars.

I enjoyed this collection, what’s not to like? Lashings of luxurious feelings oils and butters. And floral fragrances galore. These bubble bars will keep me going throughout February and I may even pick up a few Unicorn Horns before they disappear from shops.

Have you tried any of the Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day products yet?

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  1. This month was so long, I am so over this cold weather, can spring move a little faster please?? 🙂 You got some amazing products Amy, they look so cute!


  2. I loved the original Titsy Tosty! Lush have definitely hiked up their prices, I try to buy the more affordable pieces so I don’t feel mugged off! I’m starting to use Bath oils a lot more, but there are quite a few iffy ones. I will try Love Boat because it looks so sweet!

    T x

  3. These are so incredibly cute, I never knew Lush made a valentine collection. I haven’t purchased anything from them in a long time, so will have look soon. Like you said, I find it often times to pricey for a one time use bath bomb, but once in awhile do make for a great treat or gift to others and their products smell so good though… my entire flat would smell delicious!

    Sam Hodgett || Beauty & Lifestyle

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