Lush Valentine’s Day 2016 – The Kiss lip scrub

How was everyone’s Valentine’s day? Good I hope! I picked up this little gem last month when I raided the new Lush Valentine’s Day collection and have been using it since.

‘The Kiss’ isn’t the first lip scrub from Lush I’ve used, but it is the first I’ve finished. I think the taste is a key factor, it’s a strawberry sugary taste which it’s impossible to resist licking off and a sprinkling of edible hearts can be found throughout.

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The Kiss

I kept this in my bathroom cupboard and used it each day when I saw it. After a month of use, I’ve noticed my lips are far less chapped especially given how cold it’s been. I’ll definitely be replacing this lip scrub the next time I’m at a Lush till.

The Kiss

What do you think of the Lush lip scrubs?

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16 Responses

  1. I’m terrible and end up basically eating the whole tub as opposed to actually using it. However, I’ve been using the Popcorn one lately which I think is really good (and I don’t eat it because it’s a mix of salt and sugar as opposed to just sugar – haha!) x

    Christina Marie –

    1. Haha I did eat the top layer to be honest, I think the popcorn one would be a sensible next choice so I don’t eat them haha x

  2. I looove the Lush lip scrubs! I actually still have one of ‘The Kiss’ ones from last Valentine’s Day (gross, I know). My favourite will always be the Bubblegum lip scrub, it’s so yummy and really works! I couldn’t live without them now. x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Ooh the bubblegum one sounds delish, I’m going to be keeping one on the go at all times from this point forwards! x

  3. I use the popcorn one at the moment and love that, but would definitely love to try this one! Can’t find it on the website, hopefully I find it in store

    Beautiful blog and post though sweetie!!

    Claire xx

    1. I really want the bubblegum one but missed the Christmas flavour, will have to keep a closer eye out for future ones! x

    1. I don’t find that it does actually, bad but I very rarely moisturise lips unless they’re really dry (must remember to do it more preventatively). I think moisturising after using it would be good for your lips but I didn’t find it damaged without x

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