Lush Valentines Day 2016 mini haul

My Lush supplies have been dwindling lately so I was excited to see the Valentine’s day products had landed, although I was sad to see that the gigantic Love Locket bath bomb hasn’t returned for a second year.

My main mission that day was to procure some unicorn horn bubble bars, but to my abject horror they had sold out completely. I decided to get the In Your Dreams giftset as it included a unicorn horn bubble bar and the Tisty Tosty bath bomb.

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lush Valentine's day

I also picked up this new for 2016 Lover Lamp bath bomb. I tend to gravitate towards the more colourful products but this smelled incredible – I’ve since realised that it’s chocolate orange scented … My weakness – and looked like it would be very moisturising so I gave it a go.

I’ve used it already and will be going back for more, the large hearts are actually globs – technical term – of cocoa butter which melt in the bath. My skin was so soft after using this, it reminded me of the after effects of Star Light Star Bright bath melt.

lush Valentine's day

Now this bath bomb confused me … I didn’t look at the label so went to the site to try and verify the name and can’t find any record of it. I think that these are Think Pink bath bombs with the flowers removed, maybe for Valentine’s day. Either way, it smelled lovely and had little pink heart confetti inside, win.

lush Valentine's day

Tisty Tosty bath bomb smelled really floral and was lovely to use but I have to admit fishing the rose buds out at the end was slightly annoying.


And lastly I got a new lip scrub, as my last one – a popcorn salt scrub – had been in the cupboard for 7000 years. This has tiny edible hearts and tastes like sherbet.

lush Valentine's day

I love trying new Lush products and will look at the plainer bath bombs differently from now on, after discovering Lover Lamp.

What Lush Valentine’s Day products are on your wishlist?

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    1. The lip scrub didn’t come in this set, sorry for the confusion! I found it by the counter in my local Lush but can recommend it, it’s lovely. Haha yes, my mystery bath bomb! Agreed, I’ve got used to Lush stuff dissolving ha x

  1. Ooh that’s a brill gift set! The Unicorn Horn looks so beautiful (although I think that’s partly to do with your fab photography skills). Can’t wait to try the V.Day goodies!

    Christina Marie x (

    1. I’ve become completely addicted to bath products so have the opposite issue haha. Agreed – they’re hard to resist x

  2. Oooh these are lovely! I’m dying to try the Unicorn horn and the white bath bomb with the red hearts. Unfortunately they are sold out online but I might make a trip to the story and see what they’ve got! x

    Erin |

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