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Lush Spring Bath Picks From The Mother’s Day Collection

It’s officially Spring, woohoo! I’m so excited for weekends spent outdoors, without the need for a raincoat and wellies. A surefire way to cheer myself up on these miserable wet days is a nice long bath. Unbeknown to me the Lush Mother’s Day collection had landed in stores. My husband surprised me with a bag full of Lush Spring goodies.

Lush Mother's Day

Lush Spring Products

I was excited to see in addition to new products for Mother’s Day, Lush have added some new bath items for Spring. All featuring cheerful bright colours. And Floral or fruity scents.

Lush Spring

Elsie The Giraffe, You’re Having A Bath

This bubble bar is similar to Snow Fairy in consistency. It’s dried and self preserving, which whilst less crumbly means you’re in no rush to use it all. I love the strong citrus scent of this bubble bar. Although this bubble bar lasts for a few baths, it’s not the most bubbly. The water is quite a subtle yellow colour, so this would be a good product to use in conjunction with something else if multicoloured baths and towers of bubbles are your thing.


New for 2017 is Ups-A-Daisy. A bath bomb filled with essential oils. I love slower fizzing bath bombs like this. The scent is amazing! It features rose, rosewood and orange oils. Although oil based bath bombs do make more of a mess than others, I find the moisturising qualities make up for it.

Baa Bar

I love the sleepy smell of Baa Baa. Crammed with lavender and ylang ylang, it’s a truly gorgeous scent. Which reminds me almost of parma violets. Although this bubble bar is small, it’s super bubbly. And you can get two baths from this product easily. The water is turned a violet colour and whilst it’s not the brightest Lush product, I find it really relaxing.

Creamy Candy

Lastly I got Creamy Candy. This is a returning favourite but I love it’s sweet scent. It’s one of those Lush products where the smell really lingers. I like to split this in two. Although you could make it last longer. I love sweet scents and this feels reminiscent of Snow Fairy or the marshmallow melt.

I’ve loved using these cheery new products to brighten up rainy weekends I’d rather have spent outside. Have you tried any of the new Lush Spring products?

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  1. These are so much fun and I definitely need to pick a few of them up, especially the giraffe, how cute x

    1. I loved the scent but agree it wasn’t the most bubbly / colourful product to use. Baa Baa is one of my favourites for sure.

  2. I can’t believe this collection is out already – guess where I am going tomorrow ha! x

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