Lush Cosmetics Intergalactic Bath Bomb, An Oxford Street exclusive
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In May I visited the flagship Lush Cosmetics store in London’s Oxford Street. I purchased all the exclusive products but was especially excited to try the Intergalactic Bath Bomb. With a delicious fragrance, it’s packed full of glitter. Conjuring up images of nebulas, the aptly named Intergalactic is an Oxford Street exclusive which has social media buzzing.

Not Just A Pretty Bath Bomb

Lush’s Intergalactic bath bomb has a rich moisturising foam layer like Twilight. I love these kinds of bath bombs as they fizz a lot slower and moisturise your skin. Intergalactic took a few minutes to finish fizzing. Therefore the colours and glitter have a chance to create a pattern.

Intergalactic Colours

I love colourful Lush products and the Intergalactic bath bomb did not disappoint. One of the most colourful bath bombs I’ve tried, Intergalactic transforms the bath into an Instagram worthy star scape. Also Intergalactic is filled with dissolving -so environmentally friendly- finely-milled gold glitter.

Once fizzed out, the bath is a gorgeous deep navy colour, speckled with gold.

As this bath bomb dissolves slowly and is so colourful, it makes a great treat. This is a perfect choice for a long, luxurious bath.

Lush Cosmetics Intergalactic Bath Bomb,

Intergalactic Bath Bomb. A New Favourite?

The only downside to this product is the aftermath. The bath is covered in residual gold glitter. Nothing a good scrub won’t fix though. While this bath bomb is slightly messy, the glitter and colour make it worth while. In conclusion, Intergalactic is one of my new favourite Lush products. I hope they keep it around for a long while!

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